What Can We Do To Stop Bullying?

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Bullying is not only a topic, but it is an action. An action in which is seen by many everyday within school systems, business offices, or on the streets. It is everywhere and has become part of the everyday environment. More often then not, bullying occurs greatly within local school systems, where it has come to the extent of having individuals remove themselves from the environment over bullying. Bullying can happen in many ways whether it be race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the list goes on. It is not something that can be pushed away any longer. Why should children be punished from there education due to another individual? Exactly, there is no reasonable explanation. Within the school systems today, the thought of bullying is plastered around the building and on doors about how this school is a safe place for everyone and that it’s a bully free zone and it’s not. Teachers need to take a ...view middle of the document...

Teachers walk up and down the hallways, chatting with one another, drinking coffee and such. Yet, not even care to notice about the child that is directly beside them whom doesn’t dare to speak up about what happened last period where others

around him had pronounced that he was, ‘gay’ due to what he was wearing. Why should there be classifications on individuals? There shouldn’t and they mean nothing.
To regain, this is not only the teachers fault. To witness this there has to be bully, that could possibly be the individual who is sitting next to you. What is misunderstood is the thought that goes through the mind that could convince ones mind into bullying another of there peers. Many individuals do not understand what it would be like to be on the other end of the stick. Instead of being the bully, you are being the one bullied. Many know that being bullied is not an enjoyment because it has become part of their everyday lives. Much of which is done on the premises of the school building. Gone unknown and unheard. One of the major items that is noticed on what children get picked on is what they wear to school. If it isn’t designer clothes or items that don’t have a name brand plastered across it, they should get judged. Why? It’s not like it’s their fault.
To conclude, Much of the bullying that goes in goes unheard or unnoticed. People don’t pay attention to what goes on around them and what other individuals have to put up with. Much of the bullying that is done is clearly just perpetuating rape culture. Individuals should be able to enter an environment in which they feel safe in. They don’t have to worry about what may happen the next day or at the lunch table. Not only teachers but students need to take a ride and realize what is being done. There are children out there whom are scared for their lives to enter the school building because of the bullying they are put through. Many of the individuals bottle up all their feelings and don’t express there emotions and feelings. They don’t release information about the topic because they are scared of making the situation worse. This is why the community and this school needs to put an end to bullying, TODAY.

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