What Can Will We Gain With Love?

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Dark it was, quiet it was, and lonely I was when my love left me. It hurt me so much. But what can I do? What should I do? After all had gone, I can think clearly, no feelings will control my mind. The first two questions got in my mind were, "what is love? And is it true?" Now I'm confused.Some people, but many people believe in "love". They say, "What is life without love? Nothing except eating, drinking, and very boring time". I believed them, went on their way, it wasn't my willing, something inside forced me to ... to ... to fall in love, yes, I fell in love, I felt that indefinite feeling, my life turned upside down, what an indescribable feeling!Now I don't know what to do? Will I go to tell her? Will I keep that secret inside? No, keeping such complex thing as love inside me can blow me off. I must take an action, yes, I am going to tell her, it is my only way, at least it is the safest, I must go on, but am I as brave as I can tell her? I don't think so, will I tell another guy who will tell her, no, it is not as effective as I want it to be, I thought if a better solution, I will leave it for emotions, I'll see now did she fall in love with me? With another? Or she didn't think of love at all?I'll shorten all the events of the last days, now any one of our friend can acclaim that we both loved each others. One of them told me that she is already in love with me. I didn't...

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