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What Can You Do Essay

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Recently there has been a lot of question as to whether the world can continue to grow at its current pace and survive. One real issue for the success of society is the world’s ability to feed its citizens. The astronomical pace at which the human race is expanding is a huge challenge for the producers of food products to keep up with. Aside from pure numbers the pure size of the population’s waistline is also expanding. One idea that is addressing both of these issues is urban farming. Urban farming is a good solution to fill in the gaps in nutritious food production.
According to the United States Census Bureau there are currently over 7 billion people on the planet. While the ...view middle of the document...

In addition to these physical ailments, childhood obesity can severely affect quality of life through its impact on social and psychological functioning. Low self-esteem and depression as well as impeding educational attainment and interpersonal relationships can also be effects of obesity.
Urban farmers are contributing to the bottom line of food production as well as the diversity of foods available. Only a few select varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown for general production to be sold in grocery stores. The reason behind this is complex. First, varieties of producing plants are selected for specific reasons. Several of these are: quantities of product able to be grown per acre. The attractiveness of the produce is also a factor; a pretty red apple sells faster than an apple that may taste better but is misshapen and paler. Also, produce is grown for its ability to be sustained in saleable condition during and after shipping. The more produce is lost due to spoilage or damage in shipping the less money that will be made in the sale of the end product. Often times flavor and nutrition may lose out in these endeavors to ship cross country. Because of these restrictions placed on produce, diversity of products is also missing in large scale markets. Urban farmers are bringing back heirloom varieties that have fresher flavor and may not have as long of a shelf life. However, because the produce is produced locally and not trapped in shipping for extra days or weeks these varieties can last longer than the shelf life types. A greater diversity of produce that has a better flavor encourages people young and old to eat more fresh foods. These types of food contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Many children, especially in lower income brackets, depend heavily on school lunches to provide the majority of their meals throughout the day. Children often arrive early for to utilize school programs that provide breakfasts and often times remain in after school programs that provide care many children spend the majority of their day on school property. This has increased the focus whether what schools are serving to students throughout the day meet the standards of what would be considered a healthy diet. Some schools are adopting this idea and growing their own produce for use in their cafeterias. School lunches have been singled out in recent years as being chock full of fried foods and canned vegetables. In 2012 the USDA released new standards for schools to receive reimbursement for meals served. “The new standards require schools to add more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains to school meals; to limit milk to lower-fat options; and to reduce saturated fats, trans fats, sodium, and calories. for the standards of foods served at schools are demanding more fresh vegetables.” In light of these new standards, many schools are trying new ways to introduce healthier alternatives. However, this can be especially challenging...

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