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The Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in America, erupted in 1861 as a result of differences between the northern and southern states in the United States. Among these diversities in politics, economics, geography, and society, social and political differences were the most significant. The Election of 1860 and the Dred-Scott Decision politically led to the outcome of war. In addition, social disagreements including the Fugitive Slave Act and the abolition movement furthered divided the North and South. The violent Civil War would never have started without the rise of political and social conflicts.
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After the election, “...results angered southerners. Lincoln did not carry southern states, but he became the next president” (United States History Independence to 1914, p. 457). The South lost its political power when Lincoln won the election because Lincoln was only supported by northern states. Southerners were worried that Lincoln would free all slaves, which would destroy their economy. Therefore, the South called for a secession, which deepened the disunion amidst the two sides.Without the Dred Scott Decision and the Election of 1860, the Civil War may not have ever begun.uh
To add onto political problems between the North and the South, social reasons such as the Fugitive Slave Act and the Abolitionist movement also contributed to the beginning of the Civil War. When many slaves attempted to escape from slavery, the government created the Fugitive Slave Act to prohibit them from trying to flee. Caught slaves would be returned to their masters, while people who assisted their escape would be sent to prison. Money was awarded to people who caught the slaves, and served as an encouragement for people to do so. One of the effects of the Fugitive Slave Act was that, “...criminal fugitives, servants, or slaves, but the same to apprehend and secure, and deliver to the state or states, to which enemies, criminals, servants or slaves, respectively below” (Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, Article 4.) Any caught slaves must be returned to where they were based on this statement, because they were thought to be property by the southerners. This was because they needed slaves for labor to maintain their daily life and culture. However, northerners did not need slaves for daily life, so they realized how morally...

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