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What Caused The First Crusade, And Was It A Success?

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The First Crusade was cause by conflicts between the Christians and the Muslims for the Holy Land, Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the holy city for all three groups of different faiths; the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims. For the Christians, Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. For the Muslim, Jerusalem was the place where Muhammad had ascended to heaven. For the Jews, it was their God's city and it was the sit of Solomon's temple. The main idea of the First Crusade was good against evil, in which the crusaders were on the good side and the Muslims and Jews on the evil side; after all they were the one who killed Jesus. The two main leaders that called for the First Crusade were Alexius I, emperor of the Byzantine Empire, and Pope Urban II. The First Crusade was an evil act against Muslims and Jews.Greed and lack of knowledge mostly caused the First Crusade. The riches of the East lured many, mostly because younger sons in families lacked economic opportunity. During this time, the church was very corrupted and had split into an eastern and a western organization. To solve this problem, Urban II looked for something that would join all Christians and that is on e of the reasons why he started the First Crusade. Many people returning from the Holy Land were bringing home stories of the violence being committed by the Turks there. Because this was their Holy Land, it caused many Christians to be outraged.The crusaders existence was established mostly on strong beliefs more than any other reason. The crusaders also brought back the tradition of pilgrimage back to the Holy Land. They consisted of two roles: pilgrims and soldiers. The idea of armed pilgrims weren't accepted, but in this case they were because they were fighting for the Christian Holy Land. This made "war" justified in their eyes. There are numerous possible reasons for the cause of the First Crusade. But only a few are supported by evidence. There are three possible motives behind the First Crusade. The first possible motive was probably a response to Emperor Alexius I request for military aid. The second possible motive was an attempt to annex the Holy Land and to ensure access for pilgrims. The third possible motive was aimed at controlling the European society.It all started in the late 1000s AD, when the Seljuk Turks from Central Asia had taken Jerusalem. Their conquest left Palestine in chaos and caused pilgrimage to increase. They threatened the Byzantine Empire, especially Constantinople. Since the situation had threatened the Christian community, Alexius had felt that it was appropriate to ask the pope for military aid. He wanted to defend Christianity against the Muslims and to recover the Holy Land. When Urban II saw this opportunity presented to him, he took advantage of it and called for the First Crusade. By calling this crusade, he would unite both churches to fight together for a reasonable cause. On a cold November day in 1095 AD, at the Council of...

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