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What Caused The Rise Of Realism In Arts?

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During the period of time, starting from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, realism in arts rose. It was a movement against the previous movement of Romanticism, which was glorifying the world and presenting it in an unreal way. Things that were painted were often unrealistic and were drawn out of the artist’s imagination. Artists felt that artworks should have a social consciousness and they also wanted to break away from the previous styles of art. Realism was the style of art that focused on the reality and the original, but not that pleasing side of the object or idea. It was also a way of revealing the truth of the ordinary lives in the country. Artists felt the need to express arts ...view middle of the document...

Millet moved from Paris to Barbizon, in order to be closed to the elements that he had expressed through his paintings such as the Sheep Shearing Beneath a Tree. His paintings indicated the physical sufferings of the citizens and also depicted the working-class through their postures.
Artists expressed the society by painting what they had actually seen. People felt the need to present art in a more realistic way, in order to portray the everyday life that was going on at the time. The flouting of the artistic representation was acted upon by political peril. Honoré Daumier was best known for his works that rendered the manners of government officials and representatives (Honoré Daumier-Artble). He used objects to represent the government and social issues in his painting of The Laundress. He produced brutal works using the bitter expressions that he painted on the king’s face (Finocchio). Those portraits such as Past, Present, Future were ordered to be demolished after the publishing. Artists believed that modern art should be expressed during the modern period of time (Gersh-Nesic). Artworks shouldn’t be a just a good reflection or the representation of the beauty in the classical gods and former societies. They should present...

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