What Causes Hair Loss? Essay

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It's a known fact that hair loss affects both men and women. No one is immune from the effects that the loss of hair can inflict upon us. Doctors are finding out that there are many reasons why this happens. Here a few of them but are not limited to:

Heredity factors
Medicine after effects
Hair care

Along with each of these reasons there are expensive programs that people pay out large sums of money to combat this problem. Some programs are expensive others are not. The sad thing about these programs is that there are no guarantees that a specific plan will work. It's still a hit and miss type of plan because we are so complex as human beings. We are all unique in that matter and sometimes the solution is simple and other times it is not.

One thing for sure is that ensuring that we live a healthy lifestyle and eat the proper nutritional foods is one of the primary requisites ...view middle of the document...

Do you smoke?
Are you within the guidelines of a healthy weight?
Do you exercise regularly?
Do you eat fruit and vegetables daily?

If you answer no to even one of these questions then that is where the doctor will start his diagnosis for your particular case. Let's get the cat out of the bag right now. There are no magical potions that will give us our hair back without a change in our mindset and our lifestyle.

Having healthy hair equates to living a healthy lifestyle. The solution is simple the implementation can be hard because sometimes these have been lifelong habits. Habits such as not drinking enough water during the day to hydrate the body. Smoking cigarettes certainly can't be good for anyone. The key issue with reviving hair growth is protein. Protein is one of the key essential nutrients that hair follicles need so that growth can happen again.

There are all kinds of foods that contain protein that can be good for your hair but they have to be taken in moderation. Eating a proper nutritional diet is easier said than done as well. Some people pay a lot of money for diet plans or for treatment recommended by the doctors to make their hair beautiful again. Sure they all work but at what cost?

Vitamin D can be one of the hair growth vitamins but that also has to be supplemented with all the other vitamins for health purposes as well. It can be quite overwhelming to figure out what to eat so that your hair will at least stop shedding.

Let me list essential vitamin supplements that will foster faster hair growth.

Vitamin E
Vitamins A
Vitamins C
Vitamin B-Complex

But the question remains on how to get these vitamins within our regular intake of foods on a daily basis? Sure we can take all these vitamins every day to ensure that our scalp receives the proper nutrients. But why not go natural? Why not try to incorporate these essential vitamins needed for hair growth with the foods that we eat?

Wouldn't that be a novel ideal? You could save money buying the vitamins and dousing yourself with them every morning. What if there was a way that you could go to the grocery store and get these foods at a much cheaper cost than a treatment plan?

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