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What Causes Hearing Impairment Essay

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Hearing impairment results in a considerable degree of impact in education, occupation and other aspects in life. Because of lacking normal hearing as an important way to absorb information from the outside world, communication usually become frustrated for hearing-impaired students when interact with their peer. They showed lower self-awareness, self-management, frustration tolerance and impulsivity in their characteristics. Therefore, it is common to see emotional and social behavior difficulties in hearing-impaired individuals. As a speech and language pathologist, who is going to work with hearing-impaired students in language and communication aspect and likely to be the only go ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the children’s vocabulary knowledge may caused them feel isolated from their peer, since it is essential for the children to use necessary vocabulary when refer to the items being used in play and make topic-related comments during the play.
In Barkere’s study of “Predicting behavior problems in deaf and hearing children: The influences of language, attention, and parent-child communication”, he analyzed cross-sectional relationships between language, attention and behavior problems on a cohort of 116 severely and profoundly deaf and 69 normal hearing children from age 1.5-5 years by using parent report videotaped observation, and performance measures. He compared HI and NH children on behavior, attention, and language measures and found that: HI children evidenced more behavior problems than NH children; children in HI group showed poorer sustained attention than children in the NH group; the HI group showed profound language deficit on the verbal comprehension test. Moreover, the language deficits of children with hearing impairments contribute to their difficulties with sustained attention, parent-child communication, and lead to more behavior problems.
The findings of these two studies have several important implications for SLP who is working on facilitate the social, communicative, and linguistic development of children with severe and profound hearing loss. First, having age equivalent speech intelligibility and vocabulary knowledge are two essential factors to successfully communicate with others. These are usually a weakness area for children with SPHL. Hence, they may benefit from improving speech intelligibility and building vocabulary bank that are specific to the play topics in the therapy. They also need explicitly teaching of communication repair strategies, which enable them to repair and rephrase when communication breakdowns occur. Second, children may need to learn interaction skills through role play in the individual sessions. Through the role play, they practice the initiation and responding strategies with the clinician. And once they feel confident, they may use these strategies to interact with their peer in a small group setting and than transit to real situation. Additionally, Barkere’s study showed the strong relationship between language, attention and behavioral problem. It pointed out that, language plays an important role in regulation of attention, and sustained attention are related to internalizing and externalizing behavior problems. Thus, to alleviate or prevent the behavior problem in children with SPHL, SLP should also focus on their sustained attention at the same time to improving their regulatory skills. Last but not...

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