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The Causes Of Indian Independence In 1947

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The Causes of Indian Independence in 1947

In 1947 India was declared an independent country from Britain, after
years of peaceful and violent protests, pressure from all sides, and
numerous promises. Not only this, but Pakistan was also formed by
partitioning the country into two, providing a separate homeland for
the Muslims of India. Although independence was greeting with relief
from all, partition came with riots, millions of murders and a hatred
between countries that has not healed up even by today. The word
"inevitable" in the essay title implies something which was almost
'destined' to happen from the beginning, and the course of action
could not be averted under any circumstances. In this essay I will
divide up the causes of independence and partition into long term,
medium term and short term. These key points will be discussed and
compared in relevance to the question, on which causes were important
towards the contribution of independence and partition.

Perhaps the longest term cause relating to partition was the Mughal
Empire. It was in 1526 that the Mughal leader Babar, a Muslim, invaded
the Hindu majority India. This was a minority of invaders ruling over
a majority, and continued through Akbar's reign from 1556 to 1605 and
finished with Aurangzeb, who died in 1707. By this time about a third
of people in India were Muslim. Mughal emperors maintained a strict
cohesion to fundamental Islam and also believed that all non Muslims
should convert or be put to death. This first meeting between Hindus
and Muslims was not a happy one; the thousands of murders that the
foundation of their relationship lay on meant religious tension for
hundreds of years afterwards, even seen today in the hatred between
Hindus and Muslims. This can be put down primarily to the harsh
treatment of Hindus and Sikhs by Emperor Aurangzeb, despite the fact
he made attempts to reconcile, especially towards the Sikhs, in the
last few days of his life. This underlying hatred continued for
hundreds of years and it was perhaps the first cause of hatred between
Muslims and Hindus which...

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