What Causes The Algae Called Pseudo Nitzschialgal To Blooms And How We Can Prevent Them?

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Algal Blooms and Their Effects
Over the past years, due to warming waters, a toxic kind of algae called Pseudo-nitzschia has been blooming. This toxic algae affects sea life, especially marine mammals such as sea lions, which die of brain disease after feeding on this algae. This research paper will provide the reader with a conclusion in respect to what causes algal blooms and how we can prevent them.
Pseudo-nitzschia is a type of algae that produces a very strong neurotoxin called Domoic Acid, which can accumulate in many types of marine animals causing either death or severe illness. Humans that consume the infected animals can be affected as well, and as a result risk getting Amnesic ...view middle of the document...

The disease transmitted is terrible, and can even lead to death, coma, or severe brain damage.
Sewage also causes the extremely rapid growth of this algae. Sewage isn’t treated the way it should. Sewage thrown in the water keeps its nutrients, which encourages Pseudo-nitzschia’s growth. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron are the three nutrients that help Pseudo-nitzschia’s growth. All of them are getting into the water thanks to the sewage going into to the ocean. Sewage treatment cuts down on disease-causing bacteria but does little to remove nutrients (Weiss). This sewage is affecting hugely the growth of the algae and allowing it bloom in larger scales
The solution to this problem could be creating laws and regulations to help prevent the algae from blooming. One way of doing this would be restricting pollution, which would help stop global warming from getting worse. This would also prevent the algae from expanding to even more parts of the world, because right now it is almost everywhere. Stopping to pollute wouldn’t only help prevent toxic algae blooms, it would also benefit us in many other ways. It would help us have cleaner air, cleaner water, and even a better health. It would also save millions of animals that are being threatened by pollution.
Another way to solve this problem is to create laws that make it illegal to throw sewage to the sea, since it gives toxic algae the nutrients it needs to grow. Without nutrients from sewage feeding this algae, there wouldn’t be as many algae...

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