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The Causes Of World War Ii

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The Causes of World War II

At the end of the First World War all the different countries such as
France, United-Kingdom, United-States and Germany thought that the
peace would last forever. However, as we have seen, they were terribly
wrong… In 1939 a more violent and destructive war began. This time
people fought all over the world, in Asia, Europe and also in the
United-States (Pearl-harbour). I shall now explain what the main
causes of the war were.

The aggression began at the end of the First World War, when the
Treaty of Versailles was signed and Germany was forced to pay a lot of
money to France for the reparations of the obliterated cities. Their
country (Germany) had to be divided in two parts, and they also had to
limit their army to 100,000 men. The French army occupied the
Rhineland, and the Sudetenland was also taken away from them. They
couldn't say anything at the time, as they were held responsible for
the war by the countries involved… but this increased friction between
the countries.

The Treaty of Versailles was a really important trigger because Hitler
used the revocation of this pact as one of his main points to gain
votes during the election of 1933. In 1933 Hitler became a part of the
German government. In 1936 the president of Germany asked him, under
the 'pressure of the parliament' to become the new Chancellor. Here he
seized the opportunity and asked for full power. The entire parliament
agreed, and felt that he was the man who could pull Germany out of the
economic crisis that the country was going through. When he got full
power, Hitler started to change and rebuild the German economy. His
first big issue was to reorganize the army. Then he wanted to try and
'wriggle out' of paying the reparations, and wanted to reverse the
Treaty of Versailles. He wanted living space in the east and he wanted
the destruction of communism. He also wanted to expand the German
ideology all over Europe.

Another long-term cause was the weakness of the League of Nations. It
was clearly not bound together by the strong bonds that it needed… For
a start the main super powers of the world were not in it, especially
USA, and USA did begin the League of Nations. There was clearly no
chance of peace with the League of Nations, as Hitler quite easily
backed out without much question! It was far too casual for it to be a

During 1936 to 1939, Hitler was annexing different countries, like
Austria and Czechoslovakia. Churchill was the prime minister of the
English government at the time, and he along with the French
government decided not to react, they thought that Hitler was a

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