What Changes Need To Be Made To Improve The Turkish School System

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-What changes need to be made to improve the Turkish School System -Parents, teachers, politicians, businessmen and even students are complainant about Türkiyes' education system. All of the students, even the luckiest ones who have the chance to educate themselves in sufficient opportunities, know that the education system in Türkiye does not work correctly. The system fails in giving a modern, equal and valid education. Students are unable to choose their future, dershanes are filled with students who wish to pass the unfair Öss exam whereas university graduates are unemployed and if employed unproductive in their work because of the system. The system has lots of failures from primary school to the end of university. As well some effective changes need to be made to solve the education problem. Developing Türkiye needs well educated citizens who are questioning, creative and productive for their country. The only way to achieve this is to make changes in invalid sytem. The most important changes that needs to be done are to plan more effective exams identifying student's skills and abilities, reconstruct contents and methods of the educational courses and guarantying free, equal education opportunities.An effective examination system which identifies student's skills and abilities means having citizens in the place where they are most fertile and useful to their work. Today the system in Türkiye creates teachers, engineers, economists and lots more who does not wish to be where they are meanwhile system puts difficulties in front of those who wish to be teachers, engineers and economists. And this creates indisposed workforce which means not questioning or producing, the last thing that a developing country like Türkiye needs. This is because the system does not have a fair eliminating system. Students have to score high in the Öss to enter university and study on the subject they wish. For example a student who wants to study in Chemistry is forced to study Biology because he did not scored enough points in university exam. So students forced to study on subjects which they don't want. And also a student who wants to study engineering has to score more to study in Odtü than to study in Ege university. So the students are focused on scoring high instead of learning. In this situation what has to be done is to create more efficient exams. The exams have to be based on some basic criteria. These are identifying student's abilities, calculating how successful student is in his abilities and showing student what he is able and what he is not by calculating examination score. But what a pity that none of those criteria is cared in Turkish examination system. The system is based on one simple criteria which is to eliminate students whatever their abilities and levels are. Creating more efficient exams that identify students abilities need to be the main criteria. If students can study in the subject they wish...

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