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What Character Would I Be Essay

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If I were a character in the story I would be Simon. Simon is quiet and keeps to himself, he doesn’t want to fall into the ways of the other kids. He fights this urge by leaving to the woods and being by himself.
Simon doesn’t like what is happening with the children and is afraid of what will become of them. So in the book he runs in the woods and hides in the vines and bushes. Simon is also the one that has seizures which also drives him to spending a lot of time alone. I, like Simon am alone a lot but unlike Simon I push my authority I lay down and listen some but I don’t do anything without giving my input on why I want to do it my way.
In the story it almost seems that Simon doesn’t like other people, which in fact he does so much so that he is scared to stay around and see what happens to all the other children. Simon sees the “Lord of The Flies” during a seizure or episode. He then decides to ...view middle of the document...

People don’t realize that people true colors show when they are in a life or death situation not only them proving if they are nice or crazy or whatever but also it proves that we have came a long ways but our instinct to survive will show through in the end, if its killing animals or people or whatever we are all capable of this in certain situations it just takes the right problems to bring it out of us. So like everyone in the end the kids enjoy the violence and killing but Simon never killed some people are just pure of heart and wont do what it takes even in situations like that.
The children evolve they start out as sweet innocent children and they slowly start to realize they are going to have to do things they aren’t use to doing to survive. So it starts out they don’t know how to survive then they start to kill and they become good at it and they start to enjoy it. The fact that these kids enjoy death proves that anyone can have built up emotion they don’t show until crazy times. Kinda like going back to cavemen days.
Someone in my class that is like one of the characters in the book would have to be Cory Montgomery he is similar to piggy in many ways, the biggest is his intellect, he is smart and would probably try to organize everything. He would also most likely be the one that doesn’t resort to violence like all the other kids in the group. Cory also has some physical similarities to piggy but I don’t want to be mean but he wears the glasses he would be the one that tries to organize a government system to keep order to stop everyone from resorting to violence like they did in the book.
Piggy always tries to do things the logical and scientific way, not always the best way but he sticks to his ways and they could have had a more organized and less chaotic government like system. Cory has more leading skills and authority than piggy did he would have pushed more to make it happen than piggy did. So in the end I think Cory unlike piggy would have survived because he would have pushed his ideas to make them happen and people would have listened more.

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