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What Contrasting Ideas Can You Find In 'the Lamb' And 'the Tiger'?

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Even in the titles of the two poems it becomes apparent that the two subjects of the poem are enormously different. By looking at associated adjectives which come to mind when thinking of a tiger and a lamb these differences are confirmed. For example, when people think of a lamb, they usually think of a little, fluffy, happy, innocent, cute newborn lamb skipping about happily in a field. The lamb is a symbol of innocence and represents all that is good in the world. However, when people think of tigers, their thoughts could not be more different. They think of a ruthless killing machine, an untamed and powerful predator that would no doubt rip the lamb to shreds given half a chance. The tiger is a symbol of everything that the lamb does not represent "" evil, wrongdoing, and everything that is bad in the world.In "˜The Lamb', the main idea seems to be one of optimism for the future. The use of the phrase "˜Little Lamb' makes the lamb seem innocent and fragile "" a bit like a newborn baby, and this makes us think that the lamb is too young to be able to care for itself and needs to be cared for. However, the lamb is lucky enough to be well provided for, having endless fields to feed and play in, with many streams to drink from. This implies that whoever created the lamb cares about it enough to make sure it has everything that it needs to live a happy and healthy life, and also that the lamb has an easy life "" it is happy to frolic in the fields and it rejoices in this. The lamb's creator has also been kind enough to bestow upon the lamb a soft, fluffy coat, which delights the lamb and would also delight anyone who saw it. The lamb is described as having a "˜tender voice'. This makes it seem cute and friendly, unthreatening and endears it to the reader as everything about this lamb is so perfect. The fact that "˜the vales rejoice' at the lamb being there implies that the vales are pleased by the lamb's presence and make sure it has everything it needs.In the second verse, the poem seems to turn into something quite religious, and reveals a lot of symbolism within itself. In Line 13 of the poem, we discover that Blake has been referring to God all the time he has been describing the lamb, as "˜He is called by thy name, For he calls Himself a Lamb.' This idea of writing about the lamb seems to have come from the idea of Christ commonly being referred to as "˜The Lamb of God'. This also includes the idea of sacrifice in the poem "" Christ was born to die and so was the lamb. Christ died so that others could live and this same idea can be applied to the lamb although in a slightly different context. It turns out that Christ and the lamb have quite a few things in common. For example, both have similar temperaments, being passive and non-violent, and both are vulnerable "" the lamb is helpless and so was Christ when he was born into the world.In "˜The Tiger' there are a lot of ideas which contrast greatly...

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