What Cyborg Are You? Essay

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The global industrialization in twentieth century rapidly shaped the human society in political, economical, cultural and other aspect. The idea of machine replacing human beings has been concerned by many scholars and scientists themselves. The definition of human being and the definition of machine ha s been challenged as they gradually become into a non-separated integration. We now have artificial limbs, man-made blood vessels and even micro-chips in our brains. In A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century, a well-known essay published in the late twentieth century, Donna Haraway developed the notion of Cyborg. She states that there is no actual boundary among “human”, “animal”, and “machine”. She defines cyborg as “a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction” (Weiss 117). Indeed, machine changed people’ life and it becomes a built-in object in human beings practically and ideologically. To Haraway, we are all cyborgs. On top of that, I consider that cyborg is the collaboration or replacement of one common ideology to the next one. As machine helps human to act and think faster and better, its replacement in our life causes physical, biological and ideological degeneration of human activities. We do not live with machine anymore, we live upon them. In other words, the artificial part in human’s body and mind becomes overwhelming to the natural/organic part. A lizard can still survive after it cuts its tail under special circumstance, just like a man can easily have a transplant of a limb, a lung even a heart. Brain death is considered to be the legal indicator of death in common . A man can live without a leg but he cannot live without a brain. When the function of the artificial equipment changes from our “limbs” to “brain”, we become cyborg. In other words, becoming a cyborg is not only the collaboration with machinery. Becoming a cyborg means that the built-in becomes the core of a man and the built-in is also the necessity of living in his community. The equipped or imposed part maintains our activities as a must in our life while the original part degenerates or the original part must live with the new extension. Based on my definition of cyborg above, I am becoming a cyborg.
My basic living skills is degenerating as most other people who live in modern society. I cannot recall the last time I handwrite something besides my signature. I wrote every week on paper since I was in elementary school. I started working on a computer when I was 10 and ever since then I gradually feel inevitable disconnection with pens and papers. After 12 years typing on keyboard, I can hardly produce any fluent phrase by handwriting because keyboard changed the way I write and think. I am used to faster speed of typing, look ahead when I write, and the automatic correction for grammar and spelling by my software. As a bookworm and...

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