What Deforestation Can Do To Our Environment

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The deforestation of the Earth has been done for thousands of years, with the intention of clearing land to enhance farming crops or any type of livestock. Tropical forests are considered to be contributed with developing countries and our needs for them are not being met. Neither local nor national needs are being met, which influences economic globalization. This means that the needs and wants of our population are contributing to the bearing of these. Deforestation, by definition is referred to as “the removal of forest cover as a result of human activity.”(Gove 593). Direct causes for deforestation are the interest in infrastructure expansion such as building or altering roads, the interest in agricultural expansion, and wood extraction for sources of fuel or coal. A single direct cause is typically rare for deforestation. Many processes work together to cause the deforestation of our lands, which leads to no direct cause, most of the time.
Even though a direct cause is hardly ever found, the biggest single cause of tropical deforestation is the conversion to crops and pastures. This is mostly used for subsistence, which is the average farmer’s daily work to meet needs through growing crops or raising livestock. Conversion to agricultural land usually is of interest from multiple factors. For example, when countries create infrastructure for a better transportation of goods or services in remote areas, is a factor. Road building is a factor that eliminates these remote areas of crops and pastures, to enhance trade. A limited amount of deforestation is caused by road building but is still deforestation. When doing so, this brings logging into play with the deforestation process. Logging is usually introduced following road expansion and once they grab all the timber in the area, they move on to the next one. This leads to farmers and ranchers to “accidently” perform slash-and-burn processes which completes the deforestation chain of road building.
In other cases though, forests that have been reduced by logging become fire-prone and then deforested by accidental fires from farms or pastures nearby.
However, although subsistence activities dominate agriculture-driven deforestation in the tropics, large-scale commercial activities are becoming to rise in a role of such also. The Amazon is an example because of their cattle ranching and soybean production for world markets are important causes of deforestation. In Indonesia, tropical forests are converted into commercial palm tree plantations to produce bio-fuels for export is a major cause of deforestation on places like Sumatra and Borneo. Therefore, stating that commercial use is playing an incredibly significant role on deforestation of many areas.
With that being said, state policies to encourage and enhance economic development such as road expansion...

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