What Devices Has Chinua Achebe Employed To Make Us Empathise With Igbo Cluture???

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Chinua Achebe integrates many devices in his writing to make readers sympathise with the culture in 'Things Fall Apart'. He uses strategies such as showing snapshots of the Ibo culture and colouring the reader's senses with aural, visual and olfactory language. He also uses humour and irony, imagery and metaphors as well as showing the effects white people have on the Nigerian people.Chinua Achebe uses snapshots of the Ibo culture to express what the people value and their way of life. He does this by not changing some words such as obi, egwugwu, chi, ogene and kwenu which are some of the many words he used in Nigerian language. By accumulating some of these words Chinua Achebe portrays the language and teaches the readers the culture of the people. He also portrays a photographic view of the people's values using their morals, stories, proverbs and song lyrics. "If I hold her hand She says, 'don't touch!' If I hold her foot She says, 'Don't touch!' But when I hold her waist beads She pretends not to know." (Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, page104)The author uses this simple song to show that the Ibo people even had popular groups, like bands to make the reader understand and empathise with their culture. It portrays what the young female's value in their society, and this song shows their reluctance, then their readiness in love and possession. It gives a visual image of the Nigerian values and code of life.Chinua Achebe uses visual, aural and olfactory language to colour our senses and portray the climate, the images and the way the Ibo people react to certain scenarios."The birds were silenced in the forests, and the world lay panting under live, vibrating heat. And then came the clap of thunder. It was angry, metallic and a thirsty clap, unlike the deep and liquid rumbling of the rainy season. ... A vague scent of life and green vegetation was diffused in the air. ...children sought for shelter, and all were happy, refreshed and thankful." (Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, page 114)This extract from the book shows how the author uses visual, aural and olfactory language. He makes us the readers be able to hear the clap of thunder, smell the scent of life after the rain and see the panting heat. It makes readers empathise as it appeals to our senses and it is something that we have seen and gone through. It empathises with the culture as the author adds that the children were happy and refreshed, showing how the simplest things in life make them happy. The author also uses other means to portray the culture.The author also uses metaphors, similes, personification to express the culture, the way the people...

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