What Did I Learned In English This Year?

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School is believed to be a place designated for students to receive only academic lessons, but people don’t understand or get to imagine how school can influence and change their lives. In each class different subjects are taught, but besides test, notes, and books, schools are second homes where we all grow up. This year in English class, not only did I learned a bunch of academic stuff, but also personal life lessons.
Throughout the year, as a normal and regular English class, we learned more and worked on our reading, writing and English speaking skills. First, we learned to develop our reading skills by reading short stories, identifying their theme and making inferences. We also read three books: one of personal choice, Of Mice and Men and The Catcher in the Rye. Each time we read, we wrote annotations and had pop quizzes. We also studied vocabulary skills, we learned many new words, their parts of ...view middle of the document...

Going further, during the same year we got to learn more about ourselves. Some days, Ms. Juve started giving us advice and telling us personal experiences she has lived or seen. Through many of these life lessons, as she called them, I came to realized I must be myself and do whatever I want in order to find out who I really am. I understood I must also avoid society critics, have a high self-esteem and don’t let other people bring me down. From all these life lessons, I concluded I am a very valuable person, who is important, and must take care of herself. With this class I learned and discovered more about myself, something I avoided before because I pretended to be like everybody else.
Not only did we learned about ourselves, but also on how our lives will proceed after this school year ends. We had long lectures discussing what we would like to be when we are older. Ms. Juve helped us understand that we must believe in ourselves. At this age, teenagers are unsure about their lives, but this year we understood it might not exist an established path to follow, but instead as time goes by, step by step you will create your own path. We learned we must set our goals high, take risks no matter if we fail. Most importantly, we need to try whatever we want to do. As this year comes to an end, I realize that whenever I want do something I must think about the consequences that might come along with my actions. When making difficult decisions I must be mature, confident and responsible enough. As a class, we got to know how our lives will go on after tenth grade and how we will continue to manage it.
In conclusion, this year in English class not only did I learned a bunch of academic stuff, but also personal life lessons. The experience I gained throughout this year is valuable and I will carry it with me my entire life. Each time I had English class, rather than thinking about books or vocabulary, what stood out in my mind is how this class taught me to live in a happier way. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Lastly, as Ms. Juve always said, “Don’t let your life control you, you control your life.”

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