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What Did People Thought About Elvis Presley

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1. Introduction
Have you ever heard of a rock n’ roll legend? Well Elvis Presley was one of them. What people thought of Elvis was, “If Mr. Presley likes it, Mr. Presley will do it.” (Careless Love. 295) Elvis Presley influenced 1960’s America by changing rock n’ roll history, by being an awesome singer, and by being a great actor.

2. Changed Rock n’ Roll history
Elvis Presley changed rock n’ roll history. He broke all record sale predictions, even when he changed his styles of music. (“Presley, Elvis”) Elvis’ fans obviously really loved him because they were always there to cheer him on, no matter what songs he sang. Elvis always had a passionate mind, and could almost always accomplish ...view middle of the document...

Elvis was discovered because he was buying a recording of himself singing for his mother. (“Elvis Presley”.) Elvis must have been a great singer even when he was a teenager too. People liked his singing so much that they hired him. Elvis was such a great singer that even at a young age. Elvis changed America.
Presley was a world wide famous singer. “He first recorded in 1953, became a national sensation by 1956, and dominated rock music until 1963.” (“Elvis Presley”.) Presley was a wonderful singer when it came to rock music. He always knew how to cheer the crowd. Elvis dominated rock music because he put his mind to it. Elvis sang great in three styles: rock n’ roll, blues, and country. (“Elvis Presley”.) His voice was amazing. Elvis could do all of these things because he had a wonderful singing voice for any style of music. Elvis was an amazing singer because he sang wonderfully in many idioms and styles.
Elvis was an awesome singer. RCA bought his contract. They also had publicity campaigns that had TV appearances for Elvis. (Rock and Roll Comes to Stay, 284) Elvis was a great singer because someone else bought his records. He also was a great singer because he recorded with a contract. Elvis Presley always was an amazing singer, because people believed in him so much that they bought his contract and records.

4. Actor
Elvis Presley was a great actor in the 1960’s in the United States. From 1972 he appeared in thirty-three motion pictures. (“Elvis Presley”.) He was such a great actor that people kept on wanting him to be in more and more movies. Thirty-three films is a lot of movies to be for one person, during the 60’s. He was in the movie Love Me Tender in 1956. He was in Jailhouse Rock in 1957. Also, he was in the movie Follow That Dream in 1962. (“Elvis Presley”.) Just these three movies made his career so much better. All...

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