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What Did The Buddha Taught And Is It Still Relevant Today?

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Although the history of Buddhism is difficult to be certain of, many historians believe that Buddhism was around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhatta Gautama discovered the way to live without suffering. Siddhatta Gautama founded Sangha, the sect of wonderer ascetics.1
Siddhattha Gautama or more commonly known as Buddha was born as a prince that had every luxury in his command but decided go on a search to look for the solutions of suffering when he was faced with reality.
After attaining his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, he delivered his very first sermon to a group of five ascetics and from that day onwards, he taught and preached his teachings to all mankind without taking into account their backgrounds.
The population of the disciples of the religion is reaching over 500 million with a majority of it to be found in countries such as Ceylon, China, Tibet, Korean, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and scattered everywhere around the world.2
Historians believe that the Buddha passed away at Kusinara at the age of 80 but his teachings lived on forever.
Since it is such an ancient religion, one might wonder if it holds its relevance to the world today.

During his enlightenment, the Buddha discovered the three universal truths. All of Buddha’s teachings are based on these three truths. One of the three universal truths is anicca, which means that nothing is permanent. This idea is relatable to today’s world because it is the truth. Nothing in this world will last forever. People will grow old, plants will wilt and die and non-living things will decay and rust.
The second universal truth is dukkha, which means suffering. Buddha said that life is dukkha because nothing in the world is perfect and Buddha’s teachings will bring a path to overcome it.
The third universal truth is anatta, which means soulless. He said that nothing can be called a soul an people are made up of five main components, which are feelings, thoughts, awareness, ideas and body.3
These three universal truths are important because they are the basis of Buddha’s teaching.

The Law of Dependent Origination is also one of the most important teachings of Buddha as it is very profound.4 The Law emphasizes a very fundamental concept in Buddhism, which is everything has causes and conditions and that the world is built on a set of relations. The conditioned states do not rise without the supportive variables that support it. It is a very realistic way for human to understand the universe and this law is equivalent to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.4 For example, a weekly class will only be conducted if there is a classroom, a professor and a group of students. Without either one of these, the class will not happen. Therefore, if something needs to be done, then one should work on the causes and conditions. If something undesired is about to happen, one must not plant the cause and conditions and allow the to coalesce. An individual is only in...

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