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In our society today we have to deal with a lot of cruel and rude people. These people have no problem with attack our person, not matter what age, size, gender, race, or religion. There are always people out there that will judge us just because who we are on the outside instead of the inside. A lot of the words a term that are used against us today, were used back at birth of our country, when white men use to think they were all above the rest.
Back in the early days white men use to own black slaves. They use to think they were above the blacks because of their skin color, and sometime for their higher education. They would force the blacks to work for them, clean for them, and they would even beat them. This kind of thing so common in that day in age that is still leaves an impact on us today. Some people still believe that they are above everyone else just because of their own person. Now instead of trying to just attack us physically, they are also making slurs at us that can be really offensive to other.
People like to use harsh terms to attack others. They believe it makes them look better then everyone else. Words like fag or gay are now a days more commonly used when attacking friends or enemies. Those words can really hurt someone if they are a homosexual or if they know someone who is. Rascal slurs are just as bad to use, not matter what the circumstances are.
One of the biggest controversial words is the n-word. We hear a lot of rap artist and sport players use that word as term for brother, or friend. They might not mean that word in offense but their are people around them who might be offended by the word itself. It was once used as a hard slur against black, attack their skin color. “The N-word is a different word. I meant the act of mass kidnap, blood, rape, and physiological destruction.” (Lenard Pitts par 5) Another word that attack skin color is redskins, which refers to Native Americans. A Principal at Neshaminy High School was quoted saying."plainly unconstitutional.”(par 14) When students at his school said that the school mascot -redskins- needed to be changed. Some people believe that...

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