What District 9 Taught The World

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When we go see a movie we never really know every detail about it. Sometimes people don’t even know who directed the movie. As I researched the movie District 9 there were many things that I didn’t know about and I’m sure a few of us didn’t either. We never really know little details because that’s not we go to the movies for because we just want to see the big picture ,well that’s how I am I only see the movie on the screen and that’s all , I never really go into depth of what I am watching unless of course its base on true events . But as I watched district 9 I wondered how they got the aliens make us feel so bad for them to make us the viewers want to help these creatures. So as I researched I found a few things that were pretty amazing, things we didn’t know about. I will be focusing on the hidden thing in District 9 that wasn’t ever brought to our attention. Another thing I will talk about is this viewer Emily Perrin who tells other viewers what District 9 has taught us .

Its amazing right how directors have this amazing story to be told that comes from their head. Well this director went a different way to filming this, some of the most major scenes in this film were improvised, cool !huh ?Yea I couldn’t even believe it that the director Neill Blomkamp thought it would be better because then it’ll feel more real. His viewers would get a sense of realness in his movie. Talk about realness he also interviews real interviewers for his film.
“But what many people don't realize is that he created Alive in Joburg's footage of people being interviewed about aliens, by using real interviews…I was asking black South Africans about black Nigerians and Zimbabweans. That's actually where the idea came from was there are aliens living in South Africa, I asked "What do you feel about Zimbabwean Africans living here?" And those answers — they weren't actors, those are real answers...”
We get a sense of how mistreated these aliens were because using real interviewers I guess in a way he was showing us the readers how immigrants are treated around the world because that’s how it kind of felt when watching the movie. Not because they are real aliens they were mistreated but I believe that if you are an immigrant to any country you’ll be mistreated as the aliens were. Blomkamp does this to have some sort of realness to his movie.

The director not only used real interviewers but shot his film in actual evacuated area of impoverished housing. Seems like this director definitely wanted his film to be real ,well the aliens gave it away but where he films and the interviewers it’s amazing what a director can do and come up with.
“The District 9 alien homes were actually shot in a recently evacuated area of impoverished housing. The homes you see the aliens getting evicted from were homes that humans had recently been kicked out of, for real…Although not all of them had been given the green light on the RDP housing, most of them had, but all...

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