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What Do Forensic Scientists Do? Essay

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There are six general areas in forensic. Theres a medical examiner, crime laboratory analyst,crime scene examiner and a forensic engineer. determining which one you want can be hard, but its easier to talk to someone who does that job. They can tell you different things about the job.
Medical Examiner: is the highest pay but you got to be able to cut open bodies.You also have to take 7+ years of college.They also have uncertain work hours. Never going to know when they work and to get called in whenever. You need to acquire a medical degree.
Crime Laboratory Analyst: you get pretty good pay,and you mostly work outdoor.You also do a lot of DNA work, Blood tests ex.The best degree overall is chemistry.
You have to have a few degrees for this job. Its alot of work.
Forensic Engineer: You deal with traffic accidents,fire investigations,and wrongful injury cases.
you need an engineering degree. Its alot of work, You never know your schedule, It changes every day.
Crime Scene Examiner:You will work whenever a crime occurs.Your schedule is going to be crazy.You will always be getting called into work, a crime occurs almost every 5 seconds around the world.Thats a lot of crime. You also work day and night, and if you get called into work on a holiday you have to go no matter what you can’t say no, or you could lose your job. You also have to deal with dead bodies and gross deaths, and the pay is not really that great.
I picked this subject because ever since I was little I would watch NCIS with my mom and it turned into my favorite show. I just like what they do, I know most of their shows are about military or marines or coast guard, but its still very interesting. Its something I can see myself doing.
I haven't met a person that is a forensic yet, but i would love to.
It all sounds like so much work. I think I could do it, I just don't like the whole schedule thing, about not knowing when your going into work next. I want to be a crime scene investigator forensic. The ones that find out how people died if they were killed or hurt themselves, they go into places and take DNA. All that stuff just feels fun to me. Not about the deaths and stuff but about the science, I'm trying to get into Ann arbor to do college there, And then going to The University of Michigan. They have good systems there and there hospital is amazing.
Finger prints are something forensics use a lot, either that or hair follicles. or blood splatters. If they find those then they can find the DNA and if it dont match the person that died or was hurt they have to do research, that means someone was there, and could link them to the murder. By taking a hair strand they can figure out what was in there system before they died. They can trace anything back to 3 months with hair follicles. Forensics gather all this information to take to court and make up a good case. with all the right evidence the bad guy can’t get away. You have to be very carefull though I watched this...

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