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What Do Print Journalist And Electronic Journalists Share In Common? What Distinctive Differences Are Their Between Print And Electronic Journalist.

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Mark: 17 out of 20Whilst some of us are still using up our Y2k rations we were scared into buying last year, and finding uses for cases of bottled wter and packets of candles. The media are preparing us for another onslaught of hype.Media hype, sports hype, movie hype, global warming hype,nuclear bomb hype, it's coming at us from all directions, and most of the hoopla is being generated by those who stand to profit most from it. The news media.So who are the media? and why is the media doing this to us?Both print and electronic journalism share the same ideology,it is an ideology that is embedded in everything the news media does.The basis of this ideology is rooted in commercialism. Media owners, advertisers and authors have built up this commercial ideology. Why? Because Capitalism has becomethe number one priority for many western media outlets.Although not always right or even good, these ideologies are put in place to protect the news media's powerful position.It is said that,"The class which is the dominant material force of society is at the same time its dominant intellectual force"Marx and Engels (1970)By observing our feelings, our nations and our socialbeliefs, Journalists are able to make sense of the information world we live in. How the media presents thisinformation back to us is what highlights the differences between print and electronic journalism.So it is through television, newspapers and radio that the information we have come to call news is given back to us.Like all entertainment businesses and all commercial enterprise they need to attract their consumers.Vairous psychological tools are used upon us. It iscommonly known that we are not concentrating on everything we are seeing and hearing so grabbing headlines,powerful leads, the inverted pyramid style of writing coupled with clever sentence structure, are all designed to grab and hold your attention.Whilst television employs spoken words, sounds and pictures as a medium of getting the message across to us, there is an incrasing complaint that TV offers an endless sequence of soap opera, game and confession shows, with false emotions, faked people and genuine exhibitionism. All used in a bid to attract consumers by appealing to our base instincts.There is a common belief that when a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy it ceases to be a subject of interest.Research has shown that it is the picture which most effects viewers' recall of the news. So in a bid to stay ahead of the competions, print news has become more senstational. The newspaper also employs sometimes graphic pictures, and printed words, preying on our ability to be shocked, knowing that based on this first sentence a read will look deeper into a story or move on to the next one.As people become more immune to the tragedy protrayed in the media, formats become more attention grabbing and more sensationalized.The advertising of the clothing...

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