What Do Schoolteachers And Sumo Wrestlers Have In Common?

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Consumers are motivated to spend more when there are incentives present in the form of discounts and special promotions. Their satisfaction in spending less to buy a desired item indicates how incentives work by influencing an individual’s decision making ability. The fact that the item was on a discount enabled the individual to buy it as the reduction in the price of the item was a strong economic incentive. The concept of incentive is present in an everyday life situation as it basically impacts the actions of every individual. Incentives are efficient tools used to manipulate the human behaviour in order to achieve desired outcomes. However, it is deniable that incentives deliver the expected results all the time. Incentives do not always achieve its’ goals. This essay argues about the flaws in incentives due to the nature of incentives itself, discusses the effect of incentives that encourage cheating and the result of an ineffective incentive given the circumstances. Before scrutinizing the effectiveness of an incentive, it is fundamental to understand the nature of incentives itself. According to the Freakonomics, incentives are essentially divided into three aspects; social, moral and economic. Social incentives tend to determine how individuals respond to societal pressure. It is the needs of an individual to obtain acceptance among peers, gain reputation or conform by norms of the society that causes the individual to react in a particular manner. Meanwhile, moral incentives are much more subjective and individualized. Moral incentives use the rational and emotional sides of individuals to encourage or discourage them from making certain choices. It reflects the principles of being humane. It appeals to the conscience of every individual. Economic incentive deals with the manipulation of monetary and materialistic factors. Individuals are more prone to making choices based on economic incentives as money is involved in the process. Thus, economic incentives tend to be a primary factor in determining governmental policies. With respect to the three different types of incentives, one can conclude that given a problem, the issue at hand can be solved by using the right type of incentive. Often this is not true because in a given situation there are usually a number of factors that have to be considered to bring about the desired effect. Usually, an action may involve all three incentives or just any two of them. Hence, human behaviours are actually the result of influence by the different types of incentives. As an example, the day-care centre in Haifa, Israel pitted economic incentive against moral incentive to study the outcome on late coming parents. Initially the number of parents who came late was little because of their moral obligations. The introduction of fees ate away their guilt as now late pick-up is a commodity that they can now buy (Bowles). This situation can also be observed in the library. Late returns of books are charged...

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