What Do The Texts You Have Studied Have To Say About The Positive And/Or Negative Effects Of Institutions?

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"Raw", written by Scott Monk is a depiction of the effects of the institution, both positive and negative. Society and all aspects of our lives can be classified as a system or an institution. Institutions impose rules and regulations for which individuals are expected to conform to, usually unwillingly as they don't wish to face the consequences. There always are however, those who choose to rebel. This results in both positive and negative effects that are brought about through the institution. The institution aims to reform the delinquents in order to make them fully functional and productive members of society. We witness the transformation of Brett, the protagonist of the novel, as he experiences all aspects of the effects of the institution, both positive and negative.We are exposed to an overall positive effect of the institution whilst still sticking to the idea that "life is not perfect". This is shown through Brett's altered attitudes to the world and himself. He realizes the value of self responsibility and his attitudes to authority figures has also somewhat altered. He is still exposed to negative effects of the institution however as the struggle for power within it brings about a conflict between Brett and another "inmate".Brett starts off as a very angry character. He adopted the attitude that the world owed him a favor and that nothing was ever his fault. This is evident from the very early stages of the novel as he sabotages his job by spitting in the water. Brett's initial inability to take responsibility for his actions is a key trait that has caused his life to derail up to this point. The positive effects of the institution are made evident in this nature as it gradually opens up this truth to Brett and helps him see the consequences for his actions. Sam is the character who has had the most significant impact on Brett's attitude. He subtly teaches Brett to take responsibility. "If you want to break the rules, you have to face the consequences". Monk depicts Sam as a very stern and wise character from the outset of the play thus his words have a tremendous effect on Brett. "Only you can change your life Brett". This is yet another attempt by Sam to reform Brett and we later see that his efforts pay off as Brett admits that "the old man is getting to me". The use of colloquial language gives the novel a greater sense of realism and impact. This is significant as it helps the responder identify with the situations that Brett finds him in. Brett's character eventually takes on a whole new perspective on life whereby he takes responsibility for his own actions and "thinks less of himself and more about those around him"This gives the responder an overwhelming insight to the positive effects of the institution as it depicts an individual who is brought into the institution "raw" to the world and helps mould him into a significantly better person. The transformation is not a complete one however as Brett still ends up repeating...

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"Change isn't always easy." Discuss the impact of Change in the texts you have studied.

1777 words - 7 pages change is, and how we need to learn how to deal with its adversities in hope of coming out of it a better person.In conclusion, the impact of change in the texts presents us with the view that “Change isn’t always easy”. We learn that it is by overcoming the adversity that change brings to us that we develop in character and in the case of the poem, we learn that the impact of change can be immense and sometimes we cannot do anything about it. The impact of change has both negative and positive sides, it is inevitable and it must be dealt with.

How are the texts you have studied (Frankenstein and The Vampire of Kaldenstein) typical of the Gothic genre?

2308 words - 9 pages charged with murder and is put into jail. This is of course a physical representation of the isolation the character has felt all along. Frankenstein insists that the only reason he is isolated is because of the monster, but he often drives his friends and family even further out of reach. He tells Clerval "do not interfere with my motions. I intreat you: leave me to peace and solitude for a short time." This shows Frankenstein's own personal desire

How have the texts you have studied this year effectively shaped your understanding of the meaning of ?change??

1784 words - 7 pages positive and accept what they have, working towards positive outcomes in life.In displaying this concept of ?change?, Marchetta uses a first person retrospective narrative that immediately captures reader?s attention. The story is told through Josephine's eyes who is the protagonist of the novel. This allows responder's to see how the process of ?change? is working on her. Events are related as if they are happening at present, and Josephine

Write an essay of 950 to 1200 words on how historical facts are represented in the texts you have studied. You must make detailed reference to your focus texts and related texts.

1625 words - 7 pages differed in the way the facts was gathered and the genre. The language and techniques are also used to present the historical information. John Hersey does not " editorialize or sensationalize; he lets the six people mentioned above tell their own stories; and through them, the horror of what was unleashed on August 6. The apocalyptic destruction of lives and property was mind-blowing. And after living through the nightmare of the blast, the survivors of the bombing had to cope with the long-term effects of radiation sickness." http://all-garden-books.com/0679721037.html.

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1334 words - 5 pages The importance of a physical journey is the experience along the way and what it teaches. Through the texts Post Card and Migrant Hostel by Peter Skrzynecki, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, The Grapes of Wrath adapted from John Steinbecks novel and song lyrics of Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkelall these texts have effectively shaped my understanding of the impact of journeys not only through the texts but through the techniques and

How have the texts you have studied this year effectively shaped your understanding of the meaning of ?change?? Includes "The Door" by Miroslav Holub and others...

1803 words - 7 pages How have the texts you have studied this year effectively shaped your understanding of the meaning of ?change??Word Count: 1380?Change? is a process that can have valuable or futile outcomes for the parties involved. The value of the outcome resulting from ?change? is determined by the dynamism of an individual or group in their ability to open their rationale to changes in perspective. This understanding of ?change? has been effectively shaped

Many poems explore the idea of hopelessness. To what extent do the poems you have studied create a sense of hopelessness?

1618 words - 6 pages Justin Cheng 11G1 Section 2Many poems explore the idea of hopelessness. To what extent do the poems you have studied create a sense of hopelessness?The poem 'Once Upon a Time' can be read with a range of meanings very similar to 'Prayer before Birth'. The meanings of this poem also further emphasize the idea of hopelessness the present is however in contrast the past. One way to interpret the meaning of this poem: it is about the artificiality

How have the texts you have studied this year, "Empire of the Sun", "Journey to the Interior", and "Willow", effectively shaped your understanding of the concept of "The Journey"?

3338 words - 13 pages How have the texts you have studied this year effectivelyshaped your understanding of the concept of "The Journey"?"Journey" can be described as movement or travel from one place to another. This physical concept of journey can be extended, however, to a much more complex and diverse metaphorical understanding. The ultimate, and most obvious, journey one undergoes is life, both the physical and inner passage "from cradle to grave". Within and

"Outsiders are victims of themselves and society" What is your view? use the texts you have studied ("The Floating World" by John Romeril and "Death Be Not Proud" by John Donne)and one other text.

1365 words - 5 pages structure of the play symbolises that his insanity stems from his guilt about visitingJapan. His psychological and physical journey propels the play towards a climax. Thelength of each scene is different, and scenes are fragmented to heighten the effects ofLes' fragmented mind. John Donne uses a similar technique in "Death Be Not Proud";the length of each line varies greatly, this goes against the conventional sonnet form, which would normally have

Discuss the way one or more groups of Australians are represented in film and to what extent this representation reflects wider social attitudes. Refer to at least one feature film you have studied.

1319 words - 5 pages The representation of certain groups of Australians in film does to some extent reflect wider social attitudes. The extent of the truth in these representations is obtainable in Japanese Story made in 2003 and mostly set in the outback of Western Australia and Sunday too Far Away, also set in Australia but made in the 70's. Both Australian films construct representations of Australian women that do, to some extent, reflect social attitudes in

Theatre reflects society, questions society, asks society to question itself. How have the Australian plays you have studied used styles and conventions of the theatre to achieve this?

900 words - 4 pages "reconciliation," comically referred as first as wreck, con, silly, nation is packed in the suitcase, while we are reminded it is not something you read or write but something that you do. Finally, it is places at the audience's feet, a gift, a promise, and the end stage of grieving. The dramatic elements and the content discuss the issues that affect the Aboriginal people, Aboriginal history and everything that comes with that in order to create

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