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What Do You Percieve To Be The Values Of A Community. From Community Development Class. Fourth Year.

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To be a part of a community is to be a part of a team, a team that focuses on and encompasses all it's members. The community should be one that is built on the common interests of its members, a community that creates a sense of belonging to a group that goes beyond family and friends, accompanied by a sense of loyalty to others and responsibility for neighbours and the surrounding area.This paper will be a reflection of the learning that I have obtained from my readings thus far in my Community Development class. Specifically, I will reflect on my personal views of what I believe, and how I believe, value in the community should be represented.The common interests within a community are usually represented in a variety of fashions. Preservation of the environmental surroundings is a common interest and common concern for the majority of community members. Those living in urban areas are often concerned about varying issues encompassing the care and maintanance of the immediate environment, whereas urban communities would have concerns around issues such as recycling and housing. Regardless of the geographical location, preservation of the environment is an interest that requires the attention of all members of a community.Another common interest among members of a community is the feeling one receives when they belong to a group, a sense of belonging and inclusion. Inclusion is obtained through a sharing of values and beliefs, along with a sense of loyalty and respect for other members of the group. Kymlicka (1995), author of The Ties that Bind, writes about polyethnicity, remaining proud of one's cultural background and at the same time, patriotic to their present country. Kymlick speaks about social unity when addressing the issue of inclusion. He believes that shared values are not enough to sustain social unity and the community should be built on a shared identity. Kymlicka states, " People decide who they want to share a country with by asking who they identify with, who they feel solidarity with"(pg.188). I disagree with losing and assimilating one's identity. It is important for members of a community to get involved in local community projects so they meet people who have perspectives different from their own. These encounters create diversity and raise consciousness about topics and issues that may never have been thought of if all members were to focus on the same subjects.Members of a community who have been historically oppressed and marginalized have chosen to pursue and obtain self-government. These members have pulled away from the common interests and do not identify with the majority. Is it possible to have members within a common community that are continually struggling for separation? I believe that it is acceptable for members to break free from the community in an effort to create a new and different community, one that contains elements of an identity that they can relate to and feel comfortable with. Complimenting what...

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