What Does A Christian College Education Mean To You?

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A Christian College education means a great deal of importance to me, due to the decline of morals in today society, our world needs Christian leaders to step up and share their knowledge of Christ with others. Growing up in a world where ignorance is praised and promoted, by things such as social media, our peers and unfortunately by today’s world leaders, which many of us look up to. There aren’t really many positive things in society anymore that gives us a motivational force to make us a better person, to have to the ambition and will to do good things in the name of the Lord. A major part of this is due to the generation loss of motivation, hope, and the loss of belief in something ...view middle of the document...

Being a great speaker for the Lord, is not just for people who are pursuing to be a pastors or people who plan to be missionaries and go around the world to spread the word. We all have a greater purpose and we are called to make a huge difference in people life by inspiring them. I believe by applying Chirst teaching will allow me to increase my personal growth through Christian experiences, and this helps me to mature in my faith which is a very important element to being role model.
As a Christian, we are not simply going to college to get a job and make money. Every doctor, lawyer, teacher, social worker, and engineer is called to bring the gospel into his or her part of the community. Christian colleges know this and they are committed to helping you live your faith in whatever way possible. Such as opportunities to build faith on campus is an excellent way to help student stay well balanced with their spiritual and academic life. Ministry opportunities give students the chance also to actually apply what they have learn from the college and actually practice it. Christian leaders go out in the world where Christianity isn’t really accepted, and they teach the teachings of Christ, and share his love to all those who are going through a tough time and just need a refreshment that a supernatural present is always present. These leaders inspire millions upon millions of people to give there life to Christ and understand that they are not strong enough to handle all their fears, worries and needs on their own. I want to be able to go out in the real world a great leader who is able correlate his life morals to the teaching principles of Christianity. I strongly believe that going to Baptist Bible College will mold me into a better person spiritually, mentally, and academically. These are essentially the foundation of being a great leader. I want this experience of a Christian education because I know it will teach me life morals that can’t be taught within a day, but learned over my four year college experience. This will help me pursue my life goals to become a great community leader. I want to be able to...

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