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What Does Being A Teacher Really Entail?

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What does being a teacher really entail? Most of us have had a teacher throughout our lives, and not only in school but also in life.Teaching is a very substantial responsibility because the lessons that are taught will stick with some people forever, and teachers can have a very big impact on someone’s life. I’ve had many teachers throughout the years, and I have learned a lot from some of them, and although the work may come in abundance, I want to be the one who impacts and changes peoples lives. Theres much more to being a teacher than just teaching, they carry many other functions that follow with the authority.
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People aspiring to be a teacher need all of these traits in order to work well with kids. Also include traits such as being patient, tolerable, flexible, creative, and fair. Teachers should have patience for their students, and also a sense of humor and fun personality in order to work well with children. This career fits my personality because I believe I have a talent and passion for teaching adolescents, and am willing to listen to their questions and concerns. I want to help people and actually make a difference in the world by educating young men and women, not only scholastically but help guide them in life as well. This job could teach me more on having an adequate organizational and management skills to complete the various duties that are required of High School teachers each day. I also like to help others and would try to have fun in the process.
In general, High school teachers need at least a bachelor’s degree in the primary subject that they would like to teach(Bureau of Labor Statistics). Many High School Teachers in both public and private schools have master’s degrees in their subjects. All state-licensed teachers must complete an accredited teacher education program that includes pedagogy, instruction of subject matter, and a supervised field practicum.Licensure requirements vary from state to state. A school that caught my eye was William Paterson University which offers a teaching program for those who wish to make a career in the field.
Teachers generally work around 8 hours a day, so that’s roughly 40 hours a week(Ecahore-McDavid), not counting the work that they do when not in school like grading tests, quizzes, homework, projects, etc. The work environment for a teacher is pretty busy. They have six or seven classes with as few as 15 or as many as 35 students in a class, and in total most high school teachers instruct between 120 and 180 students each school day(Ecahore-McDavid). The good thing about this career is that there would not be too much traveling, just commute to and from the school that I teach at. Yes, the job would be pretty stressful, from all the hours I would work, in and out of school. Also dealing with up to around 30 children in a classroom is not always such an easy task, also various meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. There’s quite a lot to handle as a teacher, and a hefty workload. I would like working with kids and and teaching them what they will need to know in the future. I would try to make my...

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