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What Does It Have To Say And How Successfully Does It Convey Its Message?

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The musical drama Footloose directed by Herbert Ross in 1984 and with a remake made by Craig Brewer in 2011. These enchanting films are based around true events in Bomont, West Virginia in the United States of America. Both of these films are well acted rebellious, acceptance, death, relationship, lack of freedom and independence and offer a insight into Bomont during 1979. The techniques used in these films are, clothing, stereotypes, body language, camera shoots.

A common issue in Footloose is rebellious, the teenagers in Bomont were not aloud to dance or play any music besides church music, this resulted into rebellious. Footloose has numerous clips of rebellious to catch the views eye ...view middle of the document...

This quote is supported by a scene in the film, that symbolisers the young children having a lack of freedom and the stereotype behind the towns judgement. In a screen when Ren first moved to the town of Bomont his cousin Amy said: "If you ask me, Ren is a total fox" (Footloose 2011) while eating dinner one night at the dinner table. The commits following this statement symbolised the parents judgement on the outside world, when Amy's father Ethel says: "Where did you hear that? You see how television and those kinds of books influence children? You see?" (Footloose 2011). This statement supports The New York Times review highlighting the towns lack of growth and acceptance ofer the year.

Throughout the Footloose film it has been extremely difficult for Areal to live up to the standards of society and her fathers exportations. During the four years after Areal's brothers death her attitude has changed dramatically this was shown in a scene with her best friend Rusty at the car racing. During the first stages of the film Ariel is dating Chuck Cranston a race car driver after winning his race, Areal jumped in to his race car and went around the lap hanging out side the window with no safety gear on going at a race car speeds. This is supported by Rusty's commit stating: "I don't know what's going on with you anymore. Ever since Bobby" (Footloose 2011). This commit supports the fact that the small town of Bomont and even her best friend Rusty feel as if she has changed just so she does not have to live up to the standers of her late brother.

Body language can symbols many different aspects of a film and encounter the viewers response to the film and the situation. Being carefree is a typical approach of a teenagers attitude and view. Teenagers typically have a 'it want happen to me' approach but when it does it could change a hole...

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