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What Does Pop Culture Say? Essay

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With the advancement of technology bridging the gap between countries, communication has traveled a long way from where it was in the past. With this development comes the fact that countries are becoming closer and closer. This closeness has led to the diffusion of pop culture all across the world. Along with the spread of pop culture, there has also been an establishment of an idea of what is popular in a certain country. Having this establishment let’s others outside of a country configure an image of what the people and country are like. However, many times, these views are disfigured. More often than not the people are misinformed and thus, the images created are not an accurate depiction of the country and its people. It is because of pop culture and phenomenon’s(or trends?) all across that globe that help establish these images and many countries have fallen victim to inaccurate ideas of what a country is actually like.
A country whose image is often built around misconceptions would be the United States. Much of American pop culture has diffused all across the globe, but this has led to many complications with how other countries view the United States. It is safe to say that American pop culture has become one of the main sources to how the United States is viewed by people across the world. Now more than ever, with the help of technology, countries are learning more and more about American pop culture and finding it quite appealing. Some of the major parts of American pop culture that is driving the interest from other countries are through the influence of media. Examples of some of these outlets include music, sports, movies, and TV shows.
No matter where in the world, there will always be different opinions on what American pop culture has given to other countries that have affected them positively or negatively. Adam Cohen of The Wall Street Journal took the results of how Europeans view American pop culture and compared to how Americans viewed it. These results were taken by GfK a market-research firm and they polled more than 18,000 people in 18 countries for the results. Some of the interesting info to come out of the polling included what Europeans viewed as the best of American culture, “40% said movies and TV were the best American cultural export” (Cohen). These results connect to the idea that TV shows and movies create a great influence to those outside of the United States. Of course it is understandable that things like Hollywood would be popular all across the globe. Hollywood is one of the largest movie industries in the world. However, not everyone is pleased with American TV shows and movies. In fact, much of this hate actually comes from citizens of the United States. In the same poll, “…when asked to identify America's worst contribution to world culture, 32% of Americans pointed to film and television, a far higher proportion than in any other country and the single most popular response among U.S. respondents”...

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