What Does Sara Hunger For? Essay

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In Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska Sara is growing up as a Jewish immigrant migrated from Russia. From a young age she has only wanted to support herself and her family. As she grows older she begins to aspire to be “something”. What that something is seems unclear even to Sara. Sara is so unsure of what she hungers for that multiple points can be argued. Some may say she hungers for money because of the way her family has always had to scrape for pennies just to survive. Some may argue she quests for freedom because she runs away from her family. These are decent analysis but they do not dive as deep as they should. Sara’s aspirations are so much more than just money to buy more clothes or just freedom from her family. Sara is an individual that hungers to be seen: by her family, by her peers, and by society.
Sara desperately seeks to be seen as a contributor. Her family struggles throughout most of the book to make ends meet but when she tries to help her mother says, “An empty head on one side and craziness on the other side” (20). In this passage she refers to Sara as crazy as if she would surely fail in whatever her endeavor to get money might be. “Craziness” is surely a strong word in this context because it makes Sara out to be worthless in her mother’s eyes. Sara sees everyone else in the family making money and when they bring in money they are noticed by all family members as having value. This to Sara is her mother ignoring her and only pushes Sara further to make them see her as worth something. In her determination, Sara goes out and peddles herring by the side of the street. After she makes a profit she thinks, “I only wanted to show them what I could do and give it away to them” (22). Sara says “show” which further solidifies the idea that all of her hard work to bring money in is to be seen by her family.
Sara’s father is a driving force in her will to become recognized as a full person without a man. There are many passages that show her father talking down to her and her sisters about what a woman is and her purpose. He seems to only give his daughters praise and acknowledgement if they are bringing home all their money to him or marrying a man who will give him money. Even if they are working and providing for the house themselves, they are still only seen most when married off to a man who will pay father. When father talks about Bessie he only sees her as an object of his own survival “Don’t forget when she gets married, who’ll carry me the burden from this house? She earns me the biggest wages” (45). In the text father hardly mentions Sara because he is so focused on marrying off his other daughters. He does not see Sara because in her current age she is of little use to him. Even though Bessie earned him the biggest wages on her own she still is not seen as having optimal use without a man. When she refuses to marry Zalmon father angrily says, “So this is the thanks for all I’ve done for you” (98). It says a great deal...

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