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What Does The Law Say About Medicare/Medicaid Paying For Assistive Care?

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In a world where people are only getting older, the population of the elderly needing care and attention from others will forever grow and be a demanding need. Currently, “Medicaid provides health care coverage to more than 4.6 million low income seniors, who are also enrolled in Medicare.” (Seniors & Medicare and Medicaid Enrollees) “Medicaid serves the impoverished/disabled while Medicare serves those aged over 65.” (Place Elderly on Medicaid) Although not everyone who is aged needs the assistive care that nursing home and assisted living facilities can provide for them, it’s a good option to look into when you or are loved one are beginning to age and need a little more attention than normal. Medicare is a “federal health care funding program available for people older than the age of 65 and those younger who have been entitled on receiving social security disability insurance benefits.” (Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid) While everyone at one point is eligible for Medicare, the elderly are finding themselves dependent on the care from others and assisted living facilities and nursing homes can provide those needs for them. “Health Care Systems are major resources of technological advances for people with disabilities.” (Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid) Just as we have discussed in class, the health care industry is turning to more time and effort being spent on the elderly in assistive care as opposed to hospitals when it comes to the elderly. When talking about Medicaid, “the program allows for the coverage of long term care services through several vehicles and over a continuum of settings, institutional care and home and community based long term services and supports.” (Long Term Services and Support) I currently work in an Assisted Living Community where neither Medicare nor Medicaid is accepted for the residents that live there but instead private insurance is used as the only form of payment. While it may not seem like a very fair thing for the elderly that are looking for a new place to live, there are other facilities that accept these coverage’s, they just have to find the right fit. When trying to determine whether you or a family member needs to move into independent living, assisted living or a nursing home, there are many factors that must be put into consideration when making such a big life decision. It is important to decipher the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home. An assisted living facility has their working staff “aid with some daily tasks in the community but the facility has less skilled medical care.” (Knudson) The differences with a nursing home are that they are “a 24 hour skilled nursing facility for residents needing continuous care, where there is help with daily routines because the resident is unable to regularly perform them.” (Knudson) In 2010, Obama and the Government passed the Affordable Care Act which was aimed at “providing greater access...

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