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Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. The full title of this amazing book is very rarely spoken and to some people, confusing because of the metaphor. How does this story, about a nameless creature that is created by a half-crazed man, at anyway relate to a Greek myth about fire? There are no references to ancient Greece in the story. Are there though? Victor is constantly thought of as a god by the creature he creates, and there is human possession clear in the text. Unbeknownst to readers, these two stories, surprisingly, have a lot in common. Not only are the characters from Prometheus and Frankenstein similar, but the circumstances also have some overlaps.
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The introduction of the creature Frankenstein creates has a negative effect on Elizabeth. The fire Prometheus gives has ultimately negative effects as well.
In Prometheus’s story, Zeus is not pleased with what Prometheus wants to do. When Prometheus asks to give fire to the humans, Zeus denies the request. Prometheus gives the fire to the humans anyway. He wants to help his creatures. This relates to Victor Frankenstein’s wanting to help the world with find the answer the life. He wanted to help his friends with knowledge even though it was an idea that was not deemed appropriate in that time.
Prometheus’s desire to help his creatures leads to him defying what his society deems appropriate. This is like when Victor read Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus. Victor’s father and teachers both scoffed and said that those authors are not good scientists, and their theories are outdated. Both of these protagonists did have anyone’s approval with what they wanted to do. They both died because of what they did to help their possessions.
Because of their actions, both of these possessions were left with no lover. Frankenstein used Elizabeth to get rid of his monster, but in the process she was killed. This left her alone in the afterlife and him alone with no love. Prometheus, when he was taken away by the eagles, he could not protect and look after mankind.
These decisions eventually lead to Prometheus’s and Frankenstein’s demise. Both of these men were “eaten up” because of their creations. After the creature’s resurrection, Frankenstein was eaten up by the guilt of creating the monster. He felt guilty because, when he did not care for the creature, the creature killed his little brother. He blamed himself for the deaths of his brother, and Henry, his best friend. Victor was eaten up every day with the knowledge of what he had done. This led him to search for the monster in the...

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