What Effect And Impact Does Poetry Induce?

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What effect and impact does poetry induce?IntroductionI have chosen to complete my project in the form of an extended written report, based around four poems that I have chosen. These poems each have a certain emotion as a key theme, which I will be focusing on throughout this report. The poems I have chosen are as follows:How Still, How Happy (Emily Bronte) - joy/happinessDo Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Dylan Thomas) - sadnessSonnet 18 (William Shakespeare) - romance/loveDaffodils (William Wordsworth) - calming/peacefulI have chosen these poems as I believe they illustrate effectively and convey each emotion in such a way that it could result in a cathartic experience; a truly hard-hitting meaning. Additionally, there is a stark contrast between each underlying emotion, allowing me to cover a vast range of feelings.In order to complete this project, I will use the internet, my book and poetry books to improve my analysis and outlook on the specific uses and techniques such as structure and word types, and for research on the authors.How still, how happy! Those are words That once would scarce agree together; I loved the plashing of the surge - The changing heaven the breezy weather, More than smooth seas and cloudless skies And solemn, soothing, softened airs That in the forest woke no sighs And from the green spray shook no tears. How still, how happy! now I feel Where silence dwells is sweeter far Than laughing mirth's most joyous swell However pure its raptures are. Come, sit down on this sunny stone: 'Tis wintry light o'er flowerless moors - But sit - for we are all alone And clear expand heaven's breathless shores. I could think in the withered grass Spring's budding wreaths we might discern; The violet's eye might shyly flash And young leaves shoot among the fern. It is but thought - full many a night The snow shall clothe those hills afar And storms shall add a drearier blight And winds shall wage a wilder war, Before the lark may herald in Fresh foliage twined with blossoms fair And summer days again begin Their glory - haloed crown to wear. Yet my heart loves December's smile As much as July's golden beam; Then let us sit and watch the while The blue ice curdling on the stream -How Still, How Happy - Emily BronteEmily Bronte was born in Yorkshire, England, on the 30th July 1818. She had a brother, Branwell, and two sisters, Charlotte and Anne. The sisters enjoyed writing poetry and novels. Under the pseudonym "Ellis Bell", Emily wrote Wuthering Heights, in 1847, an intense love story, following the life of Heathcliff, which went on to bring great literary success.This poem, as the title suggests, has a theme of happiness and contentedness. The second line voices surprise, almost shock: "that once would scarce agree together". This implies that events for the poet have changed, perhaps suddenly and unexpectedly, and that, before this change, their life was despondent and bleak.The third and fourth lines of the first stanza create...

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