What Effect Does Color Blind Racism Have On Minorities In Society Today?

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Research Statement:
In society, during the pre-Civil Rights Movement era, minorities experienced discrimination, abuse, and life-threatening situations placed on them by the White community. Though over time, this abuse has decreased in magnitude of violence, and now in society the abuse has took a new form of racism into being colorblind racism. This new form of racism is not as violent, but it affects the society in similar ways. Colorblind racism causes segregation by stereotypes and prejudices based the color of a person’s skin color. Though it is not physical warfare like the abuse seen in history, but it can be depicted as mental warfare. This mental warfare can give rise to inaccurate opinions of a certain race. The minorities affected by colorblind racism, because they face discrimination in education or work industries. I had chosen this topic of colorblind racism in society, because growing up as a black male in the south has shown me the unfairness in society. By doing this topic, I could find more information to see if the discrimination is increasing or decreasing in society. I framed my research in search for information that shows the change of racism since Civil Rights Movement era.
Research Question: What effect does color-blind racism have on minorities in society today?
Annotated Bibliography
Awad, Germine H., Kevin Cokley, and Joseph Ravitch. "Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action: A Comparison Of Color-Blind Versus Modern Racist Attitudes." Journal Of Applied Social Psychology 35.7 (2005): 1384-1399. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Nov. 2013.
“Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action: A Comparison of Color-Blind Versus Modern Racist Attitudes” explains the connection between colorblind, modern racist attitudes, and affirmative action. The results of the investigation showed that colorblind and modern racism attitudes have a joint relationship. When race and sex wa controlled in the experiment, the ideas of colorblind racism are favored in today’s society. This article shows how colorblind racism is present in society today. The Journal of Applied Social Psychology also publishes the article, which is a very creditable source for my research. The article has very creditable authors to help me answer my research question.
Carr, Leslie G. "Color-blind" Racism. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 1997. Print

The novel “Color-blind” Racism is a great source for my research topic. According to the author of “Color-blind” Racism Leslie Carr, the novel shows insight on information on ideologies through history in the United States. The novel is creditable because it provides information that happened throughout history. Providing great data and examples, Carr shows that he is a creditable author for my research. The book was published in the late 1990s, yet shows information relevant to my topic.
Copping, Kristine E., et al. "Age And Race Differences In Racial...

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