What Are Happiness And Success? A Brief Look At The Definitions And Relationship Between Happiness And Success. Also Goes Into The Factors Of Each.

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Happiness and success are goals that humans have worked at since our creation. Everything we do has something relates to our quest for happiness. Even things we don't enjoy, like work and school, are done in hopes of achieving financial success, which is supposed to contribute to our happiness. I firmly believe that we wouldn't do something, no matter if it's good or bad, if we didn't believe that it would have some kind of positive effect on us. That's just our nature as humans. We sin because we will have the positive benefit of temporary pleasure. We go on a missionary journey because we will get the pleasure of helping others, and the satisfaction that we are using our lives for God. Success is different to many people, but happiness is simply the good feeling that we all hope, and try, to find.To me, the definition of success is having a goal and achieving it. Many people only think of success in terms of finances, but most people try to be successful in many different matters. Most people, including me, would think that a man who, despite being poor and having a bad job, raises great children, loves his wife, and is respected by those who know him would be successful. Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character in A Christmas Carol would not. His idea of success is working hard, becoming rich, and getting as much money as possible. However, we see that this success does not make him happy. Success leads to happiness, but you must be successful in all areas of your life to be happy. I would consider being rich to be physical happiness, a loving family to be emotional happiness, and being right with God to be spiritual happiness.People turn to all sorts of things for happiness, but the large majority of people put there trust in religion for happiness. Religion makes us happy through fulfillment and hope. Whatever religion someone believes in, they believe that this...

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