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What Are The Role And Responsibilities Of Teacher?

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Without defining the role and responsibilities a teacher can’t do his job properly, it is like a boat without a rudder moving around the circles it has nowhere to go doesn’t know the destination. So every teacher has to know which role he is applying in his class room, roll could be different depend on the circumstances ,like as which age group, are they normal people or are they special needs people or are they teenage people or are they adult people. Similarly every teacher has got responsibilities for his working place and working environment following the institutional procedures and policies.

1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities.

Being a teacher always we have to protect ourselves and the best way to protect follows the code of the rules and practices it. As a teacher automatically it will make me an example to my students. So I should not abuse or discriminate them by verbally or physically, even though I should not dress inappropriately maintain time management avoid me from the mess.

If anyone wants to be a good and professional teacher, he or she has to follow the code of professional practice because it is the supportive guide line to become a good teacher. Teaching profession is becoming more complex and important because of our social system is continuously changing. To keep balance with the changes every teacher has to make sure they are meeting the highest standard levels. To maintained that standard every teacher has to commit their own professional learning and seeking to expand their knowledge and skills as a teacher. Here I am going to discus something about the importance of legislations that will help anyone to become a good teacher.

It is very important that the legislations for the confidentiality and the data protection Act (1998) is being linked to the Domains A and E from LLUK standards. Every learners expect from teacher their person information will keep by the teacher with respect and confidentially. . Confidentiality means when someone receives some other person’s sensitive or personal information, it is his duty not to pass the confidential information to any one EALS without permission that person who is confident with it. As a respectable professional teacher I shouldn’t disclose my students any confidential information unless it is require for nay official purpose. I will try my best to keep students personal and confidential information safe not to share with anyone to gain their trust. When they trust me they will feel safe to open their personal and confidential information to me.

1.2 Explain own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity

As a teacher I have to consider and recognise every signal learner’s actual needs. What they can understand and they can’t even though whatever the information and learning materials, I am providing to them are they enable to going...

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