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What Are The Three Most Difficult Challenges That Face Leader Managers, And How Do Effective Leader Managers Meet Those Three Challenges?

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Essay - What are the three most difficult challenges that face leader-managers, and how do effective leader-managers meet those three challenges?In the beginning there was the word: leader-managers. I will begin this essay by briefly differentiate between a leader and a manager. A manager has subordinates, meaning he has power over the people under him, while a leader has followers, people who are willing to follow and not obliged to. Huband (1992) wrote that a manager uses his authority as a boss to gain power while a leader uses his charisma to be a role model. In this essay, we will assume that a manager and a leader is the same person, as in the real world, many people are both. In the modern business world, there are many problems that a manger might face as the world gets more and more complex. To gain a competitive edge, managers are under pressure to perform and being a good manager might not be hard but being a great one is what makes the difference.The three challenges that I decided to write about are the challenges of retention, effective communication and resolving conflict. First I will talk about the challenge of retention, and what managers do to retain employees.Retention means to keep employees from leaving the organization. Retention is a challenge managers are facing as talented employees are hard to find, and even harder to keep. In a competitive market, talented employees are sought after by many competitive organizations. Managers must understand that it is cheaper to develop a good employee than to spend money hiring one and that, and that good employees are as valuable and hard to replace as a loyal customer (Nohria, Joyce & Roberson 2003). Retention also makes sure that managers do not always have to go through the trouble of recruiting and re-training new employees. An obvious way to retain an employee is to keep him or her happy and motivated. I realized that retention and motivation are on the same boat as both have to do with keeping employees happy. A recent poll done by Paton (2007) tells us that employee retention is at the highest priority for most firms in the US.Motivation is one of the most effective ways to keep an employee loyal and productive. There are many ways to motivate employees such as rewards and incentives, giving them chance for promotion, give them more responsibility or recognition, job security and much more. Different employees are motivated by different things. One of the most influential motivational theories is Maslow's hierarchy of needs (appendix 1). Maslow's theory is a hierarchy of things employees look out for in a work place. In the lowest hierarchy are the physiological needs, followed by the safety needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and finally the self-actualization needs. Physiological needs are the basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. Usually physiological needs can be satisfied by money as money can provide us with food, shelter and clothing. Other than money,...

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