What Are Three Types Of Appeals/Themes Being Used In Advertisements? Explain What It Should Be Used And Provide Examples

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What are three types of appeals/themes being used in advertisements? Explain what it should be used and provide examplesWhat are the pros and cons using celebrity sports figures to promote a company's products? Explain the kind of impact sports celebrity endorses have in the average person purchases.Advertising is any paid form of non personnel presentation and promotion of ideas, or services by an identified sponsor. Advertisers include not only business firms, but also museums, charitable organizations, and government agencies that direct messages to target publics. Ads are a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether to build brand preference for Coco-cola or to educate people to avoid hard drugs.The advertising objectives must flow from prior decision on target market, market positioning, and marketing mix. An advertising goal (or objectives) is a specific communication task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time. The following are the three common approaches to advertising: Humor; Fear Appeals; Sex AppealsHumor: When used correctly and in the right circumstances, humor can be an extremely effective technique. The use of advertising is extensive, representing approximately 25% of all television advertising in the U.S. and over 35% in the U.K. The humorous advertisements in these countries involve the use of incongruity resolution. It provokes an effort to resolve the meaning of the ad. A thorough review of research on the effects of humor leads to the following tentative conclusions:- Humor is an effective method for attracting attention to advertisements.- Humor enhances liking of both the advertisement and the advertised brand.- Humor does not necessarily harm comprehension.- Humor does not offer an advantage over nonhumor at increasing persuasion.- Humor does not enhance source credibility.- The nature of the products affects the appropriateness of using humor. Specifically, humor is more successfully used with established rather than new products. Humor also is more appropriate for products for products that are more feeling-orientated, or experiential, and those that are not involving (such as inexpensive consumer packaged goods)Fear Appeals: Advertisers invoke fear appeals by identifying either; (1) the negative consequences of not using the advertised product or (2) the negative consequences of engaging in unsafe behavior (such as drinking and driving, smoking)Aside from the ethical issue of whether fear...

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