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What Is A Family? Essay

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The word “family” is unique, special, and controversial among different cultures and ethnicities. As defined by Random House Western Dictionary, a family is “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins” ( Although the definition from Random House follows the infamous proverb of, “blood is thicker than water,” my definition of family does not. Family is not defined or restricted by blood relations. In my mind, a family is simply a group of people, who loves, supports, and helps each other unconditionally, and endlessly. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or preference, all families embody these common principles. Thus, a family unites its members through the strong bonds and kinships formed when people come together. (Great intro.)
A family traditionally is related by blood. Through marriage, a male and female unite their lives and create new lives by giving birth to children. Procreation allows separate bloods of two completely independent people to intermix giving birth to a new child, which creates new blood and advocates the idea of family defined by Random House Western Dictionary. Although the traditional value and meaning of family still exist in the 21st century, family has begun to change and allowed more variation into what defines a family. (connection between the before and after sentence is a bit choppy) Skepticism makes society unaware of divorce(not clear). People have been ashamed of divorces and shunned those that chose divorce as an alternative method to fix their marriage. Regardless, this shows that the marriage between a man and woman is not always successful. An unsuccessful marriage correlates to an unhappy family. Thus, high divorce rates are changing the attitudes towards the image of family (Wilson 173). (good pts here)
(transition)The opinion of family differs for me even though society presses these views on family. My family is only restricted to my mother, friends, and professors. These people have influenced my life in so many ways possible that words can never describe. For instance, I have a father, brother, and sister who are still alive and breathing. But why do I not consider them my family? Although we share similar physical characteristics and genetics, our values and morals do not blend or interchange. Both my siblings and father have caused a lot of dilemmas and problems within the family such as excessive gambling and drinking. One problem that still exists, deals with the sixty thousand dollar robbery committed by someone who I no longer refer to as my sister, but as a criminal. She stole my mother’s money to do who knows what and till this day is still unresponsive and denies of the? theft when all evidence points to her....

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