What Is A Family? Single Parent Families.

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What is a "Family"?Personal Definition:The family is a domestic group with a lasting association, which the members may or not be biologically related. It functions as a unit for the purposes of resource sharing and providing mutual emotional support while perpetuating tradition and values.This definition incorporates several parts of familial components. The structure is defined within the first sentence. The function of the family in this definition is present in the second part of the definition. Both the cultural and emotional aspects are integrated into the functioning of the family as a unit. While my definition is fairly broad, it still lacks familial roles and procedures, and legalities. In doing so it disregards sexual regulations and the possibility to grant services. Here two problems lie. One is that the more inclusive the definition of family, the less meaningful it becomes. Then another problem is created given that most Americans desire to be part of a "family" and want to be incorporated into its official definition yet not everyone fits the same mold. Hence the question of who or what a family is cannot be answered. Therefore the very definition of what constitutes a family needs to be evaluated.Evaluating the Family:Is the family declining? Some would say yes. I say it is a matter of whether the changes creating such decline disturb or disrupt the ultimate function and purposes of the family in which it becomes dysfunctional beyond repair. Popenoe (1993) describes these changes as marital roles, family structure and marital dissolution, marriage and nonfamily living. While I believe these are the components in which the family has continually changed in the past 40 years, I also see that the family has adapted to the increase in divorce, out-of-wedlock births, mothers in the workforce and pre-marital cohabitation. As a member of step-family from both a widower and divorcee I testify that our family may have become stronger due to our obstacles. I became a single-mother through an out-of-wedlock birth, in which I see my daughter and I as our own functioning unit. I realize that the term family has been believed to coincide with "marriage", yet the key concept of the definition should be the role of the family. It is still important to preserve that, "in all societies the first major agent of socialization for most individuals is the family" (Thompson and Hickey 105). This does not mean that single-parent families do not socialize their children. In fact out of all family types, single parent families have made the most gains during the past few decades. According to a sociological book called Society in Focus, the definition of a single parent family is. "Researches estimate that a century ago one in three children spent part of their childhood in a single parent home" (384), which are defined as "families in which one parent resides with and cares for one or more children" (387). Even though this estimate was taken during the...

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2027 words - 8 pages significance for children's psychological adjustment and social success. The social science research that is routinely repeated does not actually speak on the subject questions of whether or not children need both a mother and a father at home. Instead proponents generally cite research that compares [heterosexual two-parent] families with single parents, this conflates the number with the gender of parents," the authors write. Indeed, there are

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1816 words - 7 pages ., and Joseph F. Fagan. "The Influence Of Family Attributes On College Students' Academic Self-Concept." North American Journal Of Psychology 15.1 (2013): 49-62. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 Feb. 2014. Garg, Rashmi, Stella Melanson, and Elizabeth Levin. "Educational Aspirations Of Male And Female Adolescents From Single-Parent And Two Biological Parent Families: A Comparison Of Influential Factors." Journal Of Youth & Adolescence36.8 (2007

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917 words - 4 pages way. No one can judge or discriminate against people for their meaning and interpretation of what a family looks like. For example, family may have two parents; one parent; or no parents (since these are brief phrases, semi-colons shouldn't be used). The variation and differences between families makes culture and society so diverse. Family does not have limitations or boundaries (true). As long as the definition of family contains the qualities of unconditional love, and endless support, help, and guidance; all different families (awk) will be able to succeed and achieve a greater feeling of happiness and a sense of belonging and acceptance.

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681 words - 3 pages For most of us, the family is considered as a well-known and comfortable institution. The perfect model of the ‘ideal’ family is still mostly considered to be consisted from two different sexes’ parents, and one or more children. Until quite recently, the sociology of the family was mostly functionalist and just in the last few decades has been challenged from various directions. There are many different definitions about what the family is

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