What Is A Well Spent Semester?

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There is a known list of questions that have never been given a clear answer. However, it is hard to escape from these issues. Nowadays, when some newspaper asks its readers a question, they do so in order to find out their opinion on a subject on which everyone already has their own point of view. However, in the eighteenth century readers prefer to ask just those questions that have not yet been answered such as “What is Enlightenment?”. The question “What is a well spent semester?” might be as hard to answer as the latter one. However, reading several credible texts has helped to formulate the response to this question. After research one can hold the view that a well spent semester is when an individual spends his time exploring what he is curious about. In order to pursue his passion he must have determination and freedom. The willingness to be curious is his personal choice and his actions are based on his personal reasonings.
In his essay, “What is Enlightenment?”, Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, calls the Enlightenment an important stage of human history, which marked a fundamental change in the relationship of humanity to the inherent ability of reasoning. Kant believes that freedom of thought is natural and an inalienable human right given to him by nature. An individual can voluntarily waive the right to use his own mind. Freedom of thought lies in the very nature of a human being. Kant believes that before the Enlightenment humanity did not understand and did not use properly use their reasoning skills; according to him, mankind had previously been unable to use their intellect without guidance from someone else, Kant defines this concept as “self-imposed immaturity” (1). Furthermore, freedom of thought affects the lives of people, society and the government. It changes them, makes them more enlightened and acknowledges the holiness of human dignity. Kant concludes that Enlightenment is the ability to use one’s own reasons without the guidance of outside forces. Enlightenment, according to Kant, marked the transition from a collectivist culture to an individual driven culture, which took place due to the fact that the Enlightenment formed a new culture based on reasonable judgment ability or rather, ability to use reason alone without guidance. Modern civilization believes that education is an escape from the immaturity that Kant describes, which performs true transformation of a person’s mindset. Personal judgment is a necessary component of Kant's concept of a new man, of an Enlightened adult. The ability to reason correctly and to distinguish truth from error - in fact, is considered to be the marking of sanity or judgement, and is inherent in the nature of all people. The difference of our opinions does not come from the fact that one is more reasonable than the other, but only on the fact that we are focusing our thoughts in different ways and are not considering the...

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