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What Is Baptism? Essay

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What is Baptism?
Baptism is a welcome/initiation into the Catholic faith; it is also a gate way of the entire sacraments. Baptism is the first sacrament in the Catholic faith, because we believe that we are being cleansed by original sin, which was carried on by Adam and Eve.
Baptism gives us grace and faith as the first sacrament. It also joins us to Christ as he humbled himself to show what we have to do.
A sacrament is what Catholic’s can experience: healing, forgiveness, strength, love and presence of God. This is where God’s grace is put to work. The purpose of a sacrament is because these are like footsteps leading to a perfect life.

What happens at an infant Baptism ceremony?
At a Baptism ceremony, the parents are welcomed with their infant, by the priest into the Church. This shows the baby has been redeemed by God to his kingdom.
Then the priest prays for the infant and one of the Gospels is read. So they can here the “good news.”
Promises made
The parent and godparents make promises on behalf of the child because he/she is too young.

Main baptism
Water is poured over the baby’s head, as the priest says “I baptise you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” This show the original sins has being washed away.
Chrism and Exorcism
Then the priest blesses (chrisms) the child with the holy oil, this is used to remove the evil (exorcism).
Candle and White garment
A candle is given, as the priest says “receive the light of Christ.” The candle is lit from the Paschal candle (a big, white candle lit mainly at Easter). Also white garment is given to the parents (on behalf of the child) to show purity.
The role of God parents
The role of God parents is they lead the child to grow in their footsteps. They have to have a strong faith because the child will look up to them. They are very important because they are also taking on the baptismal promises. They say “I do” as a reply as what the priest asks them. They are also important because they are helping the parents’ as well.

Baptism Symbols

Baptism candle- receiving the light of Christ into the infant’s heart.
Baptismal garment- to show purity and the

Font-where the infant is baptised with the water.

Chrism oil- the baby is blessed, with this oil doing the sign of the cross, on his/her forehead to show that the evilness has left him/her.

Some denominations have different symbols: like The Baptist Church believes- you must fully immerge into the water to show every bit of your body is cleansed. You start from one end and leave the other to show your old life is left behind.

The Methodist Church believes that infant baptism is a mark of a...

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