What Is Character Education? Essay

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What is Character Education?

When discussing character, we need to first look at the six pillars of character. The first pillar is Trustworthiness. On the website Charactercounts.org, trustworthiness is written in blue to correspond to “true blue.” To obtain the first pillar you need to be honest, don’t cheat or steal. You need to true to your self and do what is right. The second pillar is Respect, written in gold for the “golden rule.” To obtain respect, you need to be respectful to yourself as well as others, don’t hit or yell at anyone but still arguments in a conversational manner, accept differences, and use manners not bad language (Character Counts). The third pillar is Responsibility, written in green for “finances, or being responsible with money.” To obtain responsibility you need to be accountable for all actions you take, thinking before doing, and always try your best (Character Counts)! The forth pillar is Fairness, written in orange for “dividing an orange between others to be fair to all.” To obtain fairness to need to play by all rules and not make up your own rules, take turns with others, be open minded, and don’t blame others for your mistakes (Character Counts). The fifth pillar is Caring, written is red for “the heart.” To obtain caring you need to help people in need, being kind to others, and always show that you care (Character Counts). Finally, the sixth pillar is Citizenship, written in purple for “regal purple.” To obtain citizenship you need to cooperate with others, get involved, do your share of work, and respect authority (Character Counts). Focusing on all six pillars of character will help any student to achieve good character and carry it with them throughout life.

Very similar to the six pillars of character, is the seven point program. In Kevin Ryan and Karen E. Bohlin’s Building Character in Schools (1999), the seven point program is the first part on what schools need to focus on to build character in students. The first point is to take people seriously. Very similar to the second pillar respect or the “golden rule,” taking people seriously as a human being. The second point of the program is taking care of friends. This also goes along with respect for others, but it primarily focuses on just taking care of friends, and your social relationship between friends (Ryan & Bohlin, 1999). The third point of the program is to know how to take other people seriously as well as your own self seriously. In order to take people seriously, you need to know how. You need to know how to take on responsibility and never say that it is not my fault, this is more the just self-knowledge (Ryan & Bohlin, 1999). This very closely resembles the third pillar, responsibility. The fourth point is taking on courage, this mean to take a stand but don’t be too bold or too timid. Feel confidence in what you are doing (Ryan & Bohlin, 1999). The fifth point is temperance, this mean...

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