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What is Christianity all about? What are the basic beliefs of Christianity and how did it begin? According to (AllAboutReligion, 2010),” Christianity began about 2000 years ago in Judea, [presently known today as Israel] with Jesus Christ and His faithful group of disciples”. This paper will address the viewpoint of the Christian faith and its outcome. The central message of Christianity is based upon the teachings of Jesus and his promises. Christianity teaches that there is merely one God in all existence and that God created the universe. It also teaches that Jesus is the only way to be set free from the coming judgment of God and that Jesus desires his values and his standards to abound. Moreover, Christianity is the only religion that offers a savior. Religion has been in every culture since the beginning of human society and there are many religions competing for the heart of humanity throughout the world at large.The following characterizations are based on the Christian faith: redemption, covenant and grace. Although Christianity is a matter of choice for the human race, what type of influence did it have on the China, Africa, and Rome inhabitants?
Christianity in China
During the Warring States era, the Chinese population was in need of social and political change. Accordingly, three schools of thought were formed and became a tradition in China: Confucianism, Legalism, and Taoism. These systems focused on virtues and law-based tactics. Sanders et al (2008) points out that “these three systems of thought were written by three distinct prominent writers whose main focus for the Chinese population were philosophy, political and religion development” (p 89,93,97)

Nevertheless, the influence of this school system was short-live. During the post-classical era, Buddhism appeared in China through cross-cultural trade routes from India, which is when China became eagerly responsive to Buddhism standards. (Bentley et al (2008) illustrates that “…Buddhism became the most popular religious faith throughout…China” (p 162). This well-liked religion was embrace because it provided a cultural foundation for political order. In addition to Buddhism’s attraction, Hinduism surfaced China via the trade routes as well. Hindu religion was based on the foundation of dharma and karma. In other words, to attain good karma or fate, it would be essential to live according to his or her dharma or sacred duty because their dharma will affect their future according to the karma accrued.
Apparently, China was a country with a variety of beliefs. However, there was another religion that captivated a considerable amount of converts in China as well. According to (Seven Pillars, 2010), Christianity transpired in China during the Seventh Century. Since Christianity offered a moral structure and unmerited grace, some citizens were exceptionally impressed by these standards that the Christian faith became one of the chief religions in the province.
Even though...

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