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Class. What is class? Well technically there are many definitions that all basically state the same thing: Class is a social stratum whose members share certain economic, social, or cultural characteristics. So in our society how do we equate class? The answer is money. Nothing can give a person instant power, freedom, happiness and social status better or faster than money. In the superficial society we currently live in, money and social status are everything and it ultimately makes up the social and economical class structure. So if the only prerequisite to gaining power in America is money how can we be sure the people on the top are leading us in the right direction? Today our future generations are being bombarded with subliminal and subversive advertising that tells them what to be, what to where, what to say and how to act. And if the primary reason for this brainwashing is money then what does that tell you about the direction of our society? We are becoming so influenced by Hollywood and the media that it is actually controlling the direction of the entire human race.A couple months ago America was engrossed with operation "Iraqi Freedom". The war was the newest reality show to hit the airwaves. It boosted news television to the top and gave America a new, live perspective with embedded reporters. Before this war even began the media broke our society into two, very broad and different classes. One group was the pro-war/ pro-American and the other was the anti-war/ anti-American. The media once again made this war another "Us vs. Them" situation. They convinced us that watching anti-war demonstrations, violence and other forms of negativity was just a normal part of every day viewing but in fact were just manipulating us into developing a craving for this type of social unrest. Then suddenly the news channels were subliminally voicing their virgin voices for the first time with either images of protests or images of war it became the liberal news against the conservative news. And then Hollywood stepped in and blurred the lines between entertainment and reality. The pacifists were about to mount a full-scale attack on America.Sean Penn lead the assault with a personal visit to Baghdad and checked under his hotel bed proclaiming, "No weapons of mass destruction here. Bush is an idiot". Following Sean was the mindless blustering of George Clooney calling the president "dim" to the personal insults of Danny Glover or the nasal screeching of Dustin Hoffman and of course the most vocal Martin Sheen stating he thinks the whole administration is a bunch of "morons". Of course everyone is entitled to there own opinions but when you use your class or fame or money or power to voice your opinions, well that is a different...

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