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What Exactly Is Meant By World Hunger?

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What exactly is meant by world hunger? Famine is associated with death, starvation, or excess mortality. There are different types of hunger that are measured in several ways. People who do not consume enough calories to sustain minimum physiological needs for an active life are considered undernourished. Undernourishment can lead to disease or irreversible damage. Then there are people who are malnourished, meaning that considers what is lacking in a diet. Malnutrition can lead to infections and diseases because a lack of intake of protein. Without the proper nutrition, people can die from common infections. Before famine can be declared, there must be evidence of three outcomes. ...view middle of the document...

This also includes lacking a proper intake of vitamins or minerals which can result in sicknesses such as anemial. Starvation can cause wasting, which is a process that leads to significant weight loss. Malnoursihed children can experience stunting. Stunting is a sign that there is a long-term problem with nutrition in a population. Stunting can be measured by comparing a group of children to a group of well noursihed children. Likewise, a child will be considered underweight if they fall below the normal weight when compared to a group of healthy children. In developing countries, about 146 million children are underweight. It is not only the calorie intake that contributes to malnutrition, but also the type of calories. WIthout the proper vitamins and minerals, the deficiences can lead to diseases that can lead to death. These types of defeciences can lead to irreversible damage such as slowing of cognitive development, blindness, and susceptibility to diseases such as malaria and measles.
Is there currently enough food to feed the world? According to statistics, abundance better describes the food supply rather than scarcity. There is said to be enough grains to provide each human being with 3,000 calories a day. This figure does not even include other foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fish. There have been great increases in food production over the past 35 years. The increases in food production have far supassed the world's poupulation growth by an astonishing 16 percent. Because of high food prices and the economic downfall in 2008, the progress that was made reducing famine in the 1980's and 1990's have been reversed and hunger has continued to slowly increase.
If there is enough food to feed the chronically hungry, then why are they still starving? There are several issues that contribute to world hunger. The first and most obvious reason for world hunger is food wastage. It is estimated that one third of all food produced is never consumed. Not only is the food being wasted, but so is the energy that goes into making the food. Natural resources are thought to be limited. Consider the amount of water that is used to produce this food. The production of this wasted food also adds green house gases to the atmosphere. This could ultimately result in changes in climate and in turn affect future food production. So with this abundance of food, why are some people still going hungry. Some experts say that the poverty trap is a big contributor. Those living in poverty are unable to afford food for themselves and families. Without the proper noursihment, they are unable to reach the phsiological levels needed to work to earn the money they would need to feed themselves. This is a vicious cycle, it can condemn people to a never ending life of hunger and poverty. Climate is another one of the issues that can contribute to world hunger. Droughts can cause major food shortages. For example, drought in 2011...

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