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What Is Reality Tv Doing To Women?

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When the concept of reality television was first introduced, there were only 4 reality television shows that were aired. In 2010, that number soared to 320. Reality shows have become one of the most promising industries in media entertainment. Although there are many people who snicker at the idea of reality shows, the truth is that most of us still take pleasure in watching them. Among the most popular shows include the American Idol, The Biggest Loser, and Jersey Shore. These shows cover a range of topics, from focusing on aspiring singers to aspiring dancers, from avid partygoers to sexy housewives, and from teen moms to child beauty pageants.
Statistics have shown that reality television shows seem to appeal to females more than males. From the chart below, it is clear that when it comes to the frequency of watching reality television, females consistently outnumber their male counterparts in every category except for the 25-34 years old age group.

While many of these girls and women think of reality television shows as merely mindless entertainment, they are unaware that they might still be negatively impacted. Take for example the ever-popular show “Jersey Shore”, that had 6 seasons of airtime. The program is one where the audience follows the lives of a group of carefully chosen people with big personalities, much of which involves snotty arguments, promiscuous activity, and party-going. The female stars, with their diva attitudes and brassy fashion is, always a topic of conversation among teenage girls who watch them at home.
Reality television shows do, in fact, have the potential to damage a woman’s self image. Many reality shows perpetuate a mean-girl stereotype and influences young girls and even older women to be more self-conscious about their physical appearances. The role models of the younger generation of females are celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. While the Kardashians may be good people, countless photos of themselves on their Twitter or other social network accounts only feeds the vanity of their numerous fans. This has in turn encouraged young girls to take provocative pictures of themselves on their cell phones as they try to emulate these reality television superstars.
Apart from that, reality television shows also...

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