What Is The Role Of Imagination In “The Playboy Of Western World”?

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Imagination according to Oxford English Dictionary is defined as “the mind's creativity and resourcefulness to invent images which have the tendency to form ideas which do not correspond to reality.” In “The Playboy of Western World” by John Millington Synge, the presence of imagination directs the outcome of the play. Synge uses Christy as a substitution to the existence of boredom, fear and insecurity.
Christy gave a remark “I did not then. I just riz the loy and let fall the edge of it on the ridge of his skull, and he went down at my feet like an empty sack, and never let a grunt or groan from him at all.” Synge uses “just riz and loy” to describe the size of the weapon and emphasis the characters braveness for using such slight weapon to bring down his father who is supposed to be stronger. This word choice express the level of pride of defeat and the end of cowardness for the Playboy. Whiles Christy was describing the murderous act, it is thoroughly significant to take notice of the motion of Mahon fall; “went down at my feet like an empty sack.” The “empty sack” can be associated with the lack of power, and dignity as a man. Synge includes this dramatic fall to highlight Christy in a kingly manner; like a king, people of less authority fall at their feet. Also it could be said that the fall represents Christy’s legacy.
Jimmy said “Bravery’s a treasure in a lonesome place.” Since the society is filled with boredom, fear and insecurity, the presence of a young man with the courage to kill his father becomes an example of a hero. Synge includes this to demonstrate the readiness of desperate places in the western world like the county of Mayo to accept murderers under certain conditions as an act of heroism. At the beginning of act one, Pegeen Mike expresses her lonesome and insecurity. She said “It’s the truth they’re saying, and if I’d that lad in the house, I wouldn’t be fearing the loosed khaki – cut throats, or the walking dead.” The presence of the “loose Khaki cut-throats, or the walking dead” is symbolic of violence. After Christy had told his story, his courage replaces Pegeen needs. Synge introduces Christy during this period in Mayo as a hero because of the colonial condition and the need for a brave man to face them.
Christy becomes a sexual symbol in county Mayo and his heroic presence awakens the desires of women. Sara, Tansey, Susan, Honor Blake and Nelly brings gifts to Christy like the wise men in the bible in other to gain his attention. Honor said “Well, it’ll be a hard case if he’s gone off now, the way we’ll never set our eyes on a man killed his father, and we after rising early and destroying ourselves running fast on the hill.” Synge’s word choice “never set our eyes on a man killed his father” indicates the isolation of people in the western word. Christy’s tale about killing his father has spread so fast that even people located on the hills run to listen to him retell the incident and present him with gifts....

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